Street Psalms Community


The Street Psalms Community is a dispersed communion of Christ-centered leaders committed to developing communities of urban leaders among those who have been labeled the least, last and lost in our world. We are called to nurture life-giving perspectives and practices that sustain those who live and breathe good news in hard places. As witnesses of the Incarnation of Jesus, we seek peace and the underlying unity of all things – within the rich and sometimes challenging diversity of our own Community, as well as the diversity of our urban contexts.

The Community is made up broadly of a network of friendships among women and men who profess to the way of life of Street Psalms:

  • Action (Hands). We love and serve with the vulnerable – in ways that foster mutual, enduring transformation.
  • Reflection (Head). We reflect deeply on both God’s liberating Word and the great gift of this world – bringing the best skills of observation, analysis, and creativity that our challenging contexts deserve.
  • Discernment (Heart). We seek to see and celebrate the movement of God’s Spirit in hard places – so that we may live and thrive wholeheartedly in rhythm with that movement, helping others do the same.

Ordained Leaders.

Within the Street Psalms Community is a dedicated, experienced group of leaders formally ordained for ministry – humbly serving both the Community itself and their local urban context. Street Psalms ordained leaders make action, reflection, and discernment their sacred vows. Together they embody the core charism (gift) of the Street Psalms Community – to “see and celebrate good news in hard places.”

As witnesses of the Incarnation, we develop incarnational leaders incarnationally. We embody the message, method and manner of Jesus (See Incarnational Framework). Here are four manners in particular that we practice. Members are ordained to a variety of vocations, but we all share a common call to develop incarnational leaders according to our charism and we function as:

  • Practitioners who are engaged in the work of city transformation (e.g. ministry leaders, executive directors, program directors)
  • Spiritual Guides (e.g. community chaplains, pastors, spiritual directors, “shepherds”) both within the Street Psalms Community and their own local communities.
  • Peacemakers who foster relationships among unlikely partners for the “shalom” (wholeness and thriving) of their cities.