“Word From Below” Index

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As a practical way of gathering together around Scripture through the year, Street Psalms uses the Revised Common Lectionary—a systematic Bible reading plan used by many Christian churches (available by link to weekly readings above, or here). On a weekly and even daily basis, these Scripture readings give us a meeting point for conversation, reflection, and prayer—all across the globe. Read more about our approach to the Scriptures here.

Scripture ReferenceWord From BelowAuthorLectionary YearLectionary SeasonPublication Date
Mark 4:35-41Riding the Waves of the CityScott DeweyYear BPentecost 56/19/17
Luke 16:19-31Not Even AbrahamKris RockeYear CProper 21 (26)9/23/16
Luke 16:1-13The Gospel HustleRev. Lina ThompsonYear CProper 20 (25)9/16/16

Luke 15:1-10
The Math of MercyKris RockeYear CProper 19 (24)9/9/16
Luke 14:25-33Invitation of LoveJoel Van DykeYear CProper 18 (23)9/2/16
Luke 14:1, 7-14Sabbath Prayer: Week 6Kris RockeYear CProper 17 (22)8/26/16
Luke 13:10-17Sabbath Prayer: Week 5Kris RockeYear CProper 16 (21)8/19/16
Luke 12:49-56Sabbath Prayer: Week 4Joel Van DykeYear CProper 15 (20)8/12/16
Luke 12:32-40Sabbath Prayer: Week 3Joel Van DykeYear CProper 14 (19)8/5/16
Luke 12:13-21Sabbath Prayer: Week 2Kris RockeYear CProper 13 (18)7/29/16
Luke 11:1-13Sabbath Prayer: Week 1Kris RockeYear CProper 12 (17)7/22/16
Luke 10:38-42Will One ThingJoel Van DykeYear CProper 11 (16)7/15/16
Luke 10:25-37The Mystery of MercyKris RockeYear CProper 10 (15)7/8/16
Luke 10:1-11, 16-20First Say PeaceJoel Van DykeYear CProper 9 (14)7/1/16
Luke 9:51-62Family MattersKris RockeYear CProper 8 (13)6/24/16
Luke 8:26-39Seized By FearRev. Lina ThompsonYear CProper 7 (12)6/17/16
Luke 7:36-8:3A Gospel TurningKris RockeYear CProper 6 (11)6/10/16
Luke 7:11-17Clash of CrowdsJoel Van DykeYear CProper 5 (10)6/3/16
Luke 7:1-10The Marvel of Saving FaithJoel Van DykeYear CProper 4 (9)5/27/16
John 16:12-15Love in MotionKris RockeYear CTrinity Sunday5/20/16
John 14:8-17, (25-27)Pentecost UnityKris RockeYear CPentecost5/13/16
John 17:20-26Unity Without Enemies?Kris RockeYear CEaster 75/6/16
John 5:1-9Do you want to get well?Joel Van DykeYear CEaster 64/29/16
John 13:31-35Seeing the New JerusalemKris RockeYear CEaster 54/22/16
John 10:22-30Member-ingRev. Lina ThompsonYear CEaster 44/15/16
John 21:1-19Dis-appointment?Ken SikesYear CEaster 34/8/16
John 20:19-31What It Means to be EasteredJoel Van DykeYear CEaster 24/1/16
Luke 24:1-12Resurrection SundayKris RockeYear CResurrection of the Lord (Easter 1)3/27/16
Matthew 27:57-66
John 19:38-42
Holy SaturdayKris RockeYear CHoly Saturday3/26/16
John 18:1-19:42Good FridayKris RockeYear CGood Friday3/25/16
John 13:1-17, 31b-35Maundy ThursdayKris RockeYear CMaundy Thursday3/24/16
Luke 19:28-40The Gift of Shattered ExpectationsRev. Lina ThompsonYear CLiturgy of the Palms3/18/16
John 12:1-8Inventing ScapegoatsKris RockeYear CLent 53/11/16
Luke 15:1-3, 11b-32Scandalously Wasteful: The Prodigal DadJoel Van DykeYear CLent 43/4/16
Luke 13:1-9Towers and TreesKen SikesYear CLent 32/26/16
Luke 13:31-35A “Hens and Chicks” SpiritualityRev. Lina ThompsonYear CLent 22/19/16
Luke 4:1-13Symbolic UniverseKris RockeYear CLent 12/12/16
Luke 9:28-36, (37-43a)Who is this?Joel Van DykeYear CTransfiguration Sunday2/5/16
Luke 4:21-30The Mystery of IncarnationKris RockeYear CEpiphany 41/29/16
Luke 4:14-21Anointed for What?Kris RockeYear CEpiphany 31/22/16
John 2:1-11Water to WineJoel Van DykeYear CEpiphany 21/15/2016
Luke 3:15-17, 21-22BaptismKris RockeYear CBaptism of the Lord1/08/2016
John 18:33-37Given In LoveScott DeweyYear BReign of Christ11/20/15
Mark 13:1-8Mercy or Sacrifice?Kris RockeYear BPentecost 2511/13/15
Mark 12:38-44The Widow's MightJoel Van DykeYear BPentecost 2411/6/15
Mark 12:28-34JoyRyan TaylorYear BPentecost 2310/30/15
Mark 10:46-52Saper VedereJoel Van DykeYear BPentecost 2210/23/15
Mark 10:35-45Brigands of the LordKris RockeYear BPentecost 2110/16/15
Mark 10:17-31Good GodStephanie DunlapYear BPentecost 2010/9/15
Mark 10:2-16The Gift of Losing ControlScott DeweyYear BPentecost 1910/2/15
Mark 9:38-50ScandalKris RockeYear BPentecost 189/25/15
Mark 9:30-37Child in the MiddleScott DeweyYear BPentecost 179/19/15
Mark 8:27-38Who Do You Say That I Am?Joel Van DykeYear BPentecost 169/11/15
Mark 7:24-37The Smell of GraceJoel Van DykeYear BPentecost 159/4/15
Mark 7:1-8, 14-15, 21-23Meditations on (Un)CleanlinessJeff Johnsen, Stephanie DunlapYear BPentecost 148/28/15
John 6:56-69The Stranger, RevealedKris Rocke, Scott DeweyYear BPentecost 138/21/15
John 6:51-58Bearing Witness to GoodnessKris Rocke, Scott DeweyYear BPentecost 128/14/15
John 6:35, 41-51Induction To RealityKris Rocke, Scott DeweyYear BPentecost 118/7/15
John 6:24-35Liturgy of LifeKris Rocke, Scott DeweyYear BPentecost 107/31/15
John 6:1-21Among So ManyKris Rocke, Scott DeweyYear BPentecost 97/24/15
Mark 6:30-34, 53-56Come AwayStephanie DunlapYear BPentecost 87/17/15
Mark 6:14-29Pawn of DesireStephanie DunlapYear BPentecost 77/10/15
Mark 6:1-13Vulnerability and AuthorityScott DeweyYear BPentecost 67/3/15
Mark 5:21-43Outsiders and Insiders: A Tale of Two DaughtersJoel Van DykeYear BPentecost 56/27/15
Mark 4:26-34Sit Back and Relax Into GraceKris RockeYear BPentecost 36/12/15
Mark 3:20-35Dismantling and Re-framing FamilyScott DeweyYear BPentecost 26/5/15
John 3:1-17Paradise in the DustKris Rocke, Joel Van DykeYear BTrinity Sunday5/29/15
John 15:26-27; 16:4b-15The Paraclete Comes to Guatemala CityJoel Van DykeYear BPentecost5/22/15
John 17:6-19Sent How?Kris Rocke, Joel Van DykeYear BEaster 75/15/15
John 15:9-17No Greater LoveKris RockeYear BEaster 65/8/15
John 15:1-8Make Yourselves At HomeScott DeweyYear BEaster 55/1/15
John 10:11-18Power and Authority, ReframedJoel Van DykeYear BEaster 44/24/15
Luke 24:36b-48IntimacyScott DeweyYear BEaster 34/17/15
John 20:19-31The Kiss of GodKris RockeYear BEaster 24/10/15
Mark 16:1-8Easter: My Redeemer Lives!Joel Van DykeYear BEaster4/5/15
Matt. 27:57-66Holy Saturday: “As Secure as You Know How”Joel Van DykeYear BHoly Saturday4/4/15
John 18:1-19:42Good Friday – God With Us, AloneScott DeweyYear BGood Friday4/3/15
John 13:1-17, 31b-35Maundy Thursday – Flesh and FluidsScott DeweyYear BMaundy Thursday4/2/15
Mark 11:1-11Coming HomeStephanie DunlapYear BPalm Sunday3/27/15
John 12:20-33The Sweetness of DeathJoel Van DykeYear BLent 53/20/15
John 3:14-21The Lightest Touch, The Touch of LightScott DeweyYear BLent 43/13/15
John 2:15-19Temple Cleansing or Temple Closing?Kris RockeYear BLent 33/6/15
Mark 8:31-38Suffering and LoveScott DeweyYear BLent 22/27/15
Mark 1:9-15Bread, Temple, and Crown: a Lenten InvitationJoel Van DykeYear BLent 12/20/15
Mark 9:2-9A Dazzling SecretKris Rocke, Joel Van DykeYear BTransfiguration2/13/15
Mark 1:29-39Don’t TellKris RockeYear BEphiphany 52/6/15
Mark 1:21-28Astonishing AuthorityScott DeweyYear BEpiphany 41/30/15
Mark 1:14-20Leaving Our NetsJoel Van DykeYear BEphiphany 31/23/15
John 1:43-51Holy EverythingKris RockeYear BEpiphany 21/16/15
Mark 1:4-11Baptismal BlessingKris RockeYear BEphipany 11/9/15
John 1:(1-9), 10-18The Word Without A WordScott DeweyYear BChristmas 21/2/15
Luke 2:22-40To Hope and To WaitJoel Van DykeYear BChristmas 112/26/14
Luke 1:26-38Let It BeKris RockeYear BAdvent 412/19/14
John 1:6-8, 19-28Advent HopeKris RockeYear BAdvent 312/12/14
Mark 1:1-8BEEP BEEP BEEP ArgggScott DeweyYear BAdvent 212/5/14
Mark 13:24-37Awake For What?Stephanie DunlapYear BAdvent 111/28/14
Matt. 25:31-46I See You – A Third Way ThroughJoel Van DykeYear AProper 29 (34)11/21/14
Matt. 25:14-30Unlikely Hero in a Familiar Parable?Scott DeweyYear AProper 28 (33)11/14/14
Matt. 25:1-13Awake and CelebrateKris RockeYear AProper 27 (32)11/7/14
Matt. 23:1-12The Crushing Weight of PurityScott DeweyYear AProper 26 (31)10/31/14
Matt. 22:34-46Love God, Love People, Nothing Else MattersJoel Van DykeYear AProper 25 (30)10/24/14
Matt. 22:15-22Un-Beautiful QuestionsScott DeweyYear AProper 24 (29)10/17/14
Matt. 22:1-14Christ’s Dark HumorKris RockeYear AProper 23 (28)10/10/14
Matt. 21:33-46Builders of ViolenceScott DeweyYear AProper 22 (27)10/3/14
Matt. 21:23-32The Scandal of AuthorityJoel Van DykeYear AProper 21 (26)9/26/14
Matt. 20:1-16The Last and the FirstPenny Salazar-PhillipsYear AProper 20 (25)9/20/14
Matt. 18:21-35ForgivenessKris RockeYear AProper 19 (24)9/12/14
Matt. 18:15-20Binding and LoosingScott DeweyYear AProper 18 (23)9/5/14
Matt. 15: (10-20), 21-28A Change of Heart for Jesus?Scott DeweyYear BProper 15 (20)8/15/14
Matt. 14:22-33Theoretical Considerations of Walking on WaterScott DeweyYear BProper 14 (19)8/8/14
Matt. 14:13-21Lavish For Whom?Scott DeweyYear BProper 13 (18)8/1/14
Matt. 13:31-33, 44-52Riddles of GraceJoel Van DykeYear BProper 12 (17)7/25/14
Matt. 13:24-30, 36-43DazzledKris RockeYear BProper 11 (16)7/18/14
Matt. 13:1-9, 18-23DeficienciesKris RockeYear BProper 10 (15)7/11/14
Matt. 11:16-19, 25-30My Well-Fitting YokeScott DeweyYear BProper 9 (14)7/4/14
Matt. 10:40-42Hospitality Among the FliesStephanie DunlapYear BProper 8 (13)6/27/14
Gen. 21:8-21Pain as Gateway of TransformationJoel Van DykeYear AProper 7 (12)6/20/14
Matt. 28:16-20The Manner of GoingKris RockeYear ATrinity Sunday6/13/14
Acts 2:1-21All Flesh Is OneKris RockeYear APentecost6/6/14
John 17:1-11UnionKris RockeYear AEaster 75/30/14
John 14:15-21Advocate or AccuserJoel Van DykeYear AEaster 65/23/14
John 14:1-14Way, Truth, LifeKris RockeYear AEaster 55/16/14
John 10:1-10Mercy GateKris RockeYear AEaster 45/9/14
Luke 24:13-35Open Our Eyes to the StrangerKris RockeYear AEaster 35/2/14
John 20:19-31Creation Through ForgivenessKris RockeYear AEaster 24/25/14
Matt. 21:1-11Gospel of RejectsScott DeweyYear ALiturgy of the Palms4/11/14
Ezek. 37:1-14Voice From the BonesJoel Van DykeYear ALent 54/4/14
Exod. 17:1-7Formed Among ThornsScott DeweyYear ALent 33/21/14
Gen. 12:1-4aLenten BlessingsKris RockeYear ALent 23/14/14
Matt. 6:1-6, 16-21You're Invited to DesireStreet PsalmsYear AAsh Wednesday3/5/14
Matt. 17:1-9The Greatest LoserStreet PsalmsYear ATransfiguration Sunday2/28/14
Matt. 5:38-48The Enemy of PerfectionStreet PsalmsYear AEpiphany 72/21/14
Matt. 5:21-37Have You Heard?n/aYear AEpiphany 62/14/14
Matt. 5:13-20A Solitary Lightn/aYear AEpiphany 52/7/14
Luke 17:5-10BecomingHumanKris RockeYear CProper 22 (27)9/30/16
Luke 17:11-19The Salute of GraceJoel Van DykeYear CProper 23 (28)10/7/16
Luke 18:1-8Faith from BelowRev. Lina ThompsonYear CProper 24 (29)10/14/16
Luke 18:9-14
Superhero Spandex
Justin MootzYear CProper 25 (30)10/21/16
Luke 19:1-10
Zacchaeus: A Wee Little Man Was He (Not)
Joel Van DykeYear CProper 26 (31)10/28/16
Luke 20:27-38
Children of the Resurrection
Joel Van DykeYear CProper 27 (32)11/4/16
Luke 21:15-19
Stone by Stone
Kris RockeYear CProper 28 (33)11/11/16
Luke 23:33-43
The Way of the Cross?
Rev. Lina ThompsonYear CReign of Christ - Proper 29 (34)11/18/16
Matthew 24:36-44The Four Waiting Rooms of Christmas - Apocalypse
Kris RockeYear CAdvent 111/25/16
Matthew 3:1-12The Four Waiting Rooms of Christmas - WildernessKris RockeYear CAdvent 212/2/16
Matthew 11:2-11The Waiting Rooms of Christmas - PrisonKris RockeYear CAdvent 312/9/16
Matthew 1:18-25The Waiting Rooms of Christmas - Public DisgraceKris RockeYear CAdvent 412/16/16
John 1:14The Word at HomeKris Rocke & Scott Dewey
Year CAdvent 512/23/16
The Word RevealedKris Rocke & Scott Dewey
Year CNativity12/25/16
Luke 2:25-35The Word in the TempleKris Rocke & Scott Dewey
Year CFirst Sunday After Christmas Day12/30/16
Matthew 2:1-12The Magi & the BaptismKris Rocke & Scott Dewey
Year AEpiphany1/6/17
John 1:29-42What's in a Name?Tim MerrillYear ASecond Sunday after the Epiphany1/13/17
Mathew 4:12-23What About Church Out Here?Rev. Lina ThompsonYear AThird Sunday after the Epiphany1/20/17
Mathew 5:1-12The InaugurationKris RockeYear AFourth Sunday after the Epiphany1/27/17
Mathew 5:13-20Salt and LightJoel Van DykeYear AFifth Sunday2/3/17
Mathew 5:21-37A Happy BaptismTim MerrillYear ASixth Sunday2/10/17
Mathew 5:38-48Becoming Perfectly HumanRev. Lina ThompsonYear ASeventh Sunday2/17/17
Mathew 17:1-9Don't Speak Until You're Spoken To*Kris RockeYear ATransfiguration Sunday2/24/17
Mathew 4:1-11Wilderness Wander - Setting out from where you areJoel Van DykeYear AFirst Sunday in Lent3/3/17
Mathew 17:1-9The Transfiguration of a Skinny GeedyTim MerrillYear ASecond Sunday in Lent3/10/17
John 4:5-42Why are you talking to me?Rev. Lina ThompsonYear AThird Sunday in Lent3/17/17
John 9:1-41The Judgment of MercyKris RockeYear AFourth Sunday in Lent3/24/17
John 11:1-57Freedom from FearJoel Van DykeYear AFifth Sunday in Lent3/31/17
Matthew 21:1-11Ishmael, Isaac, and Palm SundayTim MerrillYear ASixth Sunday in Lent4/7/17
John 13:1-17, 31b-35Maundy ThursdayKris RockeYear AHoly Week4/13/17
John 20:19-31From Back to FrontKris RockeYear ASecond Sunday of Easter4/21/17
Advent 2013Street PsalmsYear ASecond Sunday of Advent12/3/13
Matt. 3:1-3Advent UpheavalStreet PsalmsYear ASecond Sunday of Advent12/10/13
Luke 24:13-35Open Our Eyes to the StrangerKris RockeYear AThird Sunday of Easter4/27/17
John 10:1-10Shadowlands or PasturelandJoel Van DykeYear AFourth Sunday of Easter5/5/17
Acts 7:55-60The Queen of 8th StreetTim MerrillYear AFifth Sunday of Easter5/12/17
John 14:15 - 21The Promise of PresenceRev. Lina ThompsonYear ASixth Sunday of Easter5/19/17
Luke 24:44-53The Crime SceneKris RockeYear ASeventh Sunday of Easter5/26/17
John 20:19-23CommencementJoel Van DykeYear ADay of Pentecost6/2/17
Matthew 28:16-20The Great Commission(s)Rev. Lina ThompsonYear ATrinity Sunday6/9/17
Genesis 18:1-15, (21:1-7)Breathing With The CityTim MerrillYear AProper 66/16/17
Matthew 10:24-39Whispers in the DarkKris RockeYear AProper 76/23/17
Matthew 10:40-42Missional Hospitality: Blessed by GraceJoel Van DykeYear AProper 86/30/17
Genesis 24:64-67Dance to the MusicTim MerrillYear AProper 97/7/17
Matthew 13:3-7The Bad SowerRev. Lina ThompsonYear AProper 107/14/17
Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43The Wheat And The WeedsKris RockeYear AProper 117/21/17
Matthew 13:31-33, 44-52Riddles of Grace: The Kingdom of God is Like....Joel Van DykeYear AProper 127/28/17
Matthew 14:13-21Eucharist and AbundanceJoel Van DykeYear AProper 138/4/17
Matthew 14:22-33Even the Muscle DudesTim MerrillYear AProper 148/11/17
Matthew 15: (10-20), 21-28The Canaanite Woman in Charlottesville?Justin MootzYear AProper 158/18/17
Matthew 16:15-16/a>HarryKris RockeYear AProper 168/25/17
Matthew 16:21-28/a>The Scandal of Misplaced DesireJoel Van DykeYear AProper 179/1/17
Matthew 18:15-20/a>An Absolutely Reckless Pedagogy!Tim MerrillYear AProper 189/8/17
Mark 13:24-37/a>Stay Woke!Ken SikesYear BFirst Sunday of Advent12/1/17
Mark 1:1-8/a>Awake in the WaterKen SikesYear BSecond Sunday of Advent12/8/17