What does it look like to develop incarnational leadership in vulnerable urban communities?

A selection of key initiatives being worked out in partnership with local training hubs in cities around the globe.  These are but a few of the initiatives coming from local hubs and being shared throughout the network.

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An initiative designed for pastors who are exploring together what it means to teach and preach a liberating Gospel of peace in their city.

There are currently 15 preaching peace tables ongoing throughout our network. Pastors and teachers, from a diversity of traditions, gather weekly around the gospel lectionary text to ask a simple question. “How do we teach and preach this text for peace from our tradition for the sake of the city?” This has sparked a growing movement of teachers and preachers forming deep community around the text from Tacoma to Nairobi to Manila.

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An initiative designed to unlock the potential of congregations in the shape of their own vocation and call.

The key to unlocking the potential of congregations to help create cities of peace of all people is not in the programs of the church but in the people. Passive consumers of spiritual goods and  services become vibrant agents of change when released in the shape of their own vocation and call.

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An intensive fellows program designed for inspired grassroots leaders who desire a way of seeing, doing and being that frees them to love and serve.

This fellows program is for those leaders who hunger for an opportunity to undergo a God in whom there is no violence. This intensive cohort based formational journey is for the creatively maladjusted, the seeker, the holy discontents who long for a more generous view of God revealed by Jesus - one who calls for a community in which everyone belongs, even and especially, our enemies. Practical. Real. Challenging. Liberating.

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