Becoming a Community in Mission


This resource is designed for the leadership of faith communities who want to create the conditions for human flourishing, embodying the very thing they desire to see in the world, and explore questions like, “What are the emerging social structures that will help form, shape and model the kind of humanity that leads to human flourishing? What kinds of communities can hold difference and create the conditions for everyone to belong, especially the most vulnerable?” Throughout this resource, we refer to this type of organization as a Community in Mission (CiM). Such a community can take many forms, such as a local congregation, non-profit or any organization who is committed to the common good as modeled by Jesus.

“A community in mission is a group that has a large enough mission to call forth community, and a strong enough community to sustain the mission. A community without mission is self-absorption. Mission without community is exhaustion. A community in mission is life-giving and transformational when modeled after the life of Christ.”

- Rev. Dr. Jack Fortin, Senior Fellow of Augsburg University