A collection of Reflections, Liturgies, Prayers and Devotions created in partnership with a global network of grassroots leaders. The perspectives here are born out of our gift of "Seeing and Celebrating Good News in Hard Places."

Word From Below

A Weekly Lectionary Reflection rooted in perspectives “from below” that embrace abundance and peacemaking.

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Prepare the Way

Anytime we read something like, the word of the God came to so-and-so, I’m tempted to imagine this happened in some alternate spiritual universe—one where there are prophets and visions and miracles—not my ordinary everyday world. But the author of Luke is at pains to tell us that this happened here, in the real world, at a specific time in a specific place.

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Liturgies & Prayers

Spiritual formation is a shared journey of awakening to our belonging in love that enables discernment of the daily choices and ways of being that lead to union with God, the self, others, and the created world. Through our liturgies and prayers, Street Psalms explores particular ways of being in the world shaped by the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The following represents a selection, in English, however there are many more languages, liturgies and prayers available.