The Incarnational 


A diagnostic tool designed for those who are called to free leaders from all walks of life to create cities of peace for all people. It is a framework that asks questions, not a curriculum that gives answers. Street Psalms uses it to hold itself accountable to its mission. It’s how we measure our impact. It’s shared by hub directors in our network to help them examine their own approach to freeing leaders. It functions as a rule of life for those who are ordained with Street Psalms, and informs all of our initiatives and programs.

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A Way of Seeing

Does your way of seeing call people from scarcity to abundance?

A Way of Doing

Does your way of doing call people from theory to practice?

A Way of Being

Does your way of being call people from rivalry to peacemaking?

Free to Love

Does your way of seeing, doing and being call people from fear to freedom?