Making Peace with God

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Are you called to form leaders in vulnerable urban communities?

Do you want to make peace with God?

Are you looking for a global conversation with diverse leaders in cities around the world?

Are you rooted locally and engaged in ministry among the vulnerable?

Are you looking for a way to become more human?

Are you ready to undergo a God in whom there is no violence?


This formational journey is for the creatively maladjusted, and the holy discontents who long for a more generous view of God revealed by Jesus - one who calls forth a community in mission to love and serve.

Practical. Real. Challenging. Liberating.


Key Details:

  • One Year Fellowship (Sept-June)
  • Cost: $1200 (scholarships available)
  • Facilitators: Joel Aguilar and Kris Rocke
  • Guest Presenters: Senior Fellows and Friends. 
  • Final Project: A portfolio of experiences that includes Integrated Rule of Life. 
  • Credit Options: Up to 4 Courses towards Masters/Doctorate. 
  • A Global Network of Conversation Partners. 
  • Pathway to Ordination with Street Psalms Community. 


Cohorts members gather weekly to undergo a Human Catechism that allows us to make peace with God, ourselves, others and all of creation. Together, we will walk with Jesus, disguised as the stranger, who inducts us into becoming fully human and reveals to us a God in whom there is no violence. Our hearts will burn and our eyes will be opened.  

If you are looking for a program that reflects back to you what you already know with dogmatic certainty you should look elsewhere. However, if you are ready to engage the risky incarnational journey that shatters our expectations of God and ourselves, then this is tailor-made for you. 

We will engage each other in a blend of theological reflection (head), spiritual formation (heart) and social action (hands). Throughout the fellowship, participants will discern the particular shape of their own vocation and call while developing their own Rule of Life to help guide them. 

The Rule of Life is based on a set of questions core to the life of Christ. Participants are asked to reflect on these questions for themselves, from within their own tradition, and in ways that are faithful to their own context. Go here to see the Incarnational Framework that gives shape to these questions.

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Fellowship Details

The Urban Peacemaker Fellowship is ideal for those who want a way of seeing, doing and being that frees them to do things they never thought possible. It is for those who want to undergo a Gospel of peace and help create cities of peace for all people. It is a human catechism for those who want to build a shared humanity that bridges difference so that everyone belongs.

We are convinced that the most powerful resource in under-resourced urban communities is the leaders themselves. Unfortunately, most urban leaders lack the formation necessary to meet the demands of our rapidly changing, complex, urbanizing world, and the challenges facing the Christian vocation in our time. Far too often energetic, compassionate leaders are hobbled by an overwhelming sense of need, inadequacy and isolation. Their desire to find a faith that sustains them is left unattended in order to meet the relentless demands of urban life. The results can be disastrous.

What’s needed is an inductive process of formation that frees us to love our city and seek its peace in the name of Jesus.

This happens when leaders are formed by the power of the Incarnation (Word made flesh). It provides the spiritual technology necessary for human flourishing and authentic peace in our day. It shows us how to activate, leverage and steward the power of relationships for good. The Incarnation invites us to plumb the depths of our faith and our own humanity, examining God and ourselves in light of the demanding questions posed by vulnerable urban communities. This journey is not for the faint of heart. The program is intellectually and theologically challenging, spiritually demanding and rigorous in its application. Together we learn how to do theology from below in communities of practice, sustained by a spirituality of imperfection.

Throughout the program participants are invited to hold the Word in one hand and the World in the other in loving dialogue. Participants examine two fundamental questions asked by St. Francis in his famous all night prayer. ” God, who are you? God, who am I?” We ask these questions in the context of vulnerable urban communities. Along the way, participants will be exposed to a wide range of theological perspectives including an image of God in whom there is no violence and be introduced to a way of reading scripture non-violently.

This program is designed to help participants mine their own tradition for its most sustainable gifts, whether Protestant or Catholic, liberal or conservative. We think this is best done in the context of theological and spiritual diversity that honors the best, deepest and richest traditions of our faith. In the end, participants are expected to take ownership of their own journey and conclusions. All teaching and facilitation is based on a deep, rich and generous orthodoxy that invites participants to examine their own tradition in its most favorable and generous light, mining its most sustainable gifts. Central to the program is a high view of Scripture, Church, Tradition and Personal Experience. We also celebrate the gifts of modern science and revelations about what it means to be human and care for creation.

We have structured the dialogues around the big questions of faith in any age. In the first dialogue we ask who is Jesus? (Christology of Mission). In the second dialogue we ask what is the Spirit doing in the world today? (pneumatology of mission). In the third dialogue we ask, what does it mean to be human? (Anthropology of Mission). In the fourth dialogue we ask what does it mean to be a cruciform community?(Soteriology of Mission). In the fifth dialogue we ask, who is the church and what does it mean to be the Body of Christ? (Ecclesiology of Mission). In the sixth dialogue we ask what is the chief end of humanity and what does that mean for our cities? (Eschatology of Mission). Imbedded within all of these conversations we ask what kind of spirituality sustains us in our call to love the city and seek its peace? (Spirituality of Mission). We ask these questions through a wide variety of methods rooted in respectful dialogue that honors the local contexts in which we serve.

The conversations are facilitated by a Street Psalms Staff and Senior Fellows along with urban ministry practitioners. 

Our certificate program is an affordable and accessible alternative to traditional seminary education. It is designed for urban ministry leaders who have not had access to seminary, but who want a transformational experience that equips them to engage the most demanding questions and practical challenges of vulnerable urban communities. This program provides pathways to master’s and doctoral programs at partner institutions. However, those seeking a professional degree (Master of Divinity) to be a pastor, or chaplain, and who are interested in teaching at a seminary should consider traditional academic programs. It also provides a path to ordination within the Street Psalms Community for those discerning a vocation of formation. 


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