Serving a global network of more than 100+ cities.

With a core of 30+ ordained members and more than 40 active partnerships we support a global network committed to developing incarnational leaders in vulnerable urban communities.

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These hubs are the primary partners with whom Street Psalms collaborates to develop incarnational leaders in vulnerable urban communities. All hubs are locally owned and led (with a dedicated hub director) and take a variety of forms. For example, some hubs are stand alone training organizations and other hubs are training departments embedded in a community based or city serving organization.

Each hub shares a common commitment to the Incarnational Framework that informs and shapes local, contextual training.

Together, training hubs form a global network of mutual support, co-creating formational opportunities for underserved grassroots leaders in vulnerable urban communities worldwide.

Learn more about the Urban Training Collaborative Initiative.


Street Psalms partners with Academic Institutions, Network Partners and other Organizations in pursuit of our shared vision of cities of peace for all people where everyone belongs. Below are some of these partners:

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