Our Dream

is to see cities of peace for
all people where everyone
belongs, especially the
most vulnerable

What’s needed are individuals and organizations who are equipped to transform this dream into reality in their context.

This is why we partner With a global network To free people from all walks of life to love and serve.

How We Achieve
Our Dream

Cultivate Networks

We nurture a global network that shares a common call to free leaders and organizations in the shape of their own vocation and call.

Form Leaders

We offer sustaining rhythms, resources and experiences that induct leaders into our shared humanity. We do this by hosting a Virtual Hub that operates like an urban monastery without walls.

To see more visit: urbantraining.net

Co-Create Models

We co-create models of social innovation that lead to human flourishing. We do this by hosting a Design Studio that develops simple, repeatable and  contextual models that can be tested and measured in vulnerable urban communities.

To see more visit: streetpsalms.org/design-studio

Where This
Is Happening

We partner with
a global network
of leaders, hubs
and organizations
that represent more than
100 cities.

* dots on the map represent contextual
hubs locally owned and operated.

A Framework
That Frees

Our network gathers around a
common framework that allows us to
test and measure our shared
formational work.


We offer a way of seeing
that calls people from
scarcity to abundance.


We offer a way of being
that calls people from
rivalry to peacemaking.


We offer a way of doing
that calls people from
theory to practice.


In the end, people are freed
to form communities in
mission that love and serve.

How Street Psalms
Creates Change

We have a relational theory of change derived from the Incarnation - mystery of the Word made flesh. It provides the spiritual technology necessary to unleash the power of relationship for good. It transforms dreams into reality and frees people to do things they never thought possible. When people are formed relationally and supported by a vibrant network, the result is leaders who are free to love and serve.

See and celebrate good news in hard places.