Incarnational Design

Calling communities of practice into collective action to make a difference in urban communities.

Our Convictions

God is at work in all things. Incarnation is the model.
We are co-creators. Relationship is the vehicle of change.
Leadership matters.

Innovation through Imitation

Freed from the myth that we are creating something new.

An Incarnational Focus

The Incarnational Design Process takes leadership and the Incarnation seriously. It helps ensure that both the methodology and the outcomes of a project are incarnational.

A Three-Phase Design Process

Phase 1: Research and Design

Fall in Love: Things that are loved bear the marks of love and over time become lovable.
Gather Around Question: Beautiful questions yield beautiful answers.
Map Assets: Call forth the gifts latent in the community.

Phase 2: Create a Prototype

Create Prototype: Start small and focused.
Test Prototype: Failure is baked into the process, resist the temptation towards perfection.
Clarify Gift: Identify the secret sauce that gives it life.

Phase 3: Rollout

Choose Early Adopters: Risk on those who risk.
Refine Model: Support and evaluation refines and improves the initiative.
Check Expiration Date: There is a shelf life to most programs.

Develop a 3-Year Strategic and Operational Plan

Review Your Mission and Vision Statements

Before you act, get your “why” right.

Craft a Strategic Plan

Chart the path to pursue your Vision, with the operational detail necessary to begin taking immediate action.

  • Forcing functions provide a clear way to make choices consistent with your Mission and Vision.
  • Simple metrics assess your impact and your fidelity to an incarnational approach over the long term.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) tell you if you’re on the right track.
  • A robust dashboard will help track your progress and evaluate it at a glance

Access our Resource Library

Our growing Resource Library is filled with best practices and case studies from incarnational leaders around the globe.

Topics Include:

How to host a Vision Trip: Help your team and stakeholders get a vision for the city

How to Build a Case Study: Learn from the Preaching Peace Initiatives in Nairobi, Kenya and Tacoma, WA

Questions about the Incarnational Design Process? Reach out!