Incarnational Movements

Street Psalms engages a global network, embracing a broad range of missional work. Across contexts, there are four movements that we recognize as important shifts in the life of an incarnational community: from Scarcity to Abundance, from Theory to Practice, from Rivalry to Peacemaking, and from Fear to Freedom.

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There is not enough. We see need, problems, deficiency, and lack. This sparks competition for survival and creates the conditions for violence.


There is enough. We see the whole world as a burning bush ablaze with God’s glory and the city as a sacred place of God’s grace, filled with the resources necessary for lasting peace.

From Scarcity to Abundance

The Incarnation forms in us a transformational perspective – way of seeing that is consistent with Jesus’ message. When we see through the eyes of the world, we are enslaved to the myth of scarcity. This leads to chaos. When we see through the eyes of love we are set free by the liturgy of God’s abundance. This leads to authentic community.


Practitioners keep a safe distance from, and maintain control over, the challenges they address. They prioritize ideas, doctrines and formulas over relationships and embodied truth that liberates.


Practitioners make the road by walking. They engage the real world of relationships, where vulnerability, risk and failure are baked into the process of becoming fully human.

From Theory to Practice

The Incarnation forms in us a transformational practice – a way of doing that is consistent with Jesus’ method. When the Gospel becomes an abstract truth claim, concerned primarily with right belief, it leads to disembodied engagement that does more harm than good. But Word made flesh is Love with skin. It is embodied, practical and always relational.


A posture of engagement in which the other is seen as a threat, competitor, or foe. Identify is formed “over and against.” This creates scapegoats that must be excluded.


A posture of engagement in which enemies are seen as friends who are necessary for shalom wholeness. Identity is formed “with and for.” This creates a community that is scapegoat free.

From Rivalry to Peacemaking

The Incarnation forms in us a transformational presence – a way of being that is consistent with Jesus’ manner. When formed by the Incarnation we hold tensions that others expel and create room at the table for those who have been excluded. Enemies hold the key to our own salvation.


Fear bind us to the myth of scarcity, the danger of theory and the violence of rivalry. Fear enslaves us to the status quo.


Love frees us from fear so that we can see and celebrate good news in hard places. Love frees us to do far more than we ever thought possible.

From Fear to Freedom

Being formed by the message, method and manner of Jesus’ mission frees the messenger to love their city into greatness. Leaders who undergo the Incarnation are set free to do things they once thought impossible. They see God at work in all things. They translate vision into action, and dreams into reality. They build cities of peace for all people. Word becomes flesh.

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