I saw
Paradise in the dust of the street.

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Denise Levertov,
“City Psalm” Exc.


Kris Rocke

Each year we choose a theme to sit in. Last year we explored the theme “Community in Mission.” It was born out of a conversation with Tim Merrill and Ruben Ortiz in a pizzeria in Philadelphia. It led to the re-opening of the order. The year before that we explored, “Impossibility to Responsibility.” It made our commitment to gender real and concrete. This year our theme is Contemplative Action.


Current Issue

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In this issue we ask: is the answer found within our own story?

We look to a poem from W.H. Auden for a hint at where truth is found. We read about how anxiety can show up as our teacher from Joel Aguilar. And we take a short moment to see what a sanctuary in Camden looks like. This and much more is inside Issue 003 of See.Do.Be.Free.


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