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Street Psalms is committed to developing and nurturing training hub throughout the Urban Training Collaborative (UTC).

These hubs are the primary partners with whom Street Psalms collaborates to develop incarnational leaders in vulnerable urban communities. All UTC hubs are locally owned and led (with a dedicated hub director) and take a variety of forms. For example, some hubs are stand alone training organizations and other hubs are training departments embedded in a community based or city serving organization. 

Each hub shares a common commitment to the Incarnational Training Framework that informs and shapes local, contextual training. 

Together, training hubs form a global network of mutual support, co-creating formational opportunities for underserved grassroots leaders in vulnerable urban communities worldwide. 

What does a Training Hub Do?

TASKS OF TRAINING HUBS:​ All UTC training hubs deliver three vital functions as members of the collaborative.

  • Gather leaders: This includes working with leaders from all walks of life from all sectors of the city, creating broad and diverse tables of learning and formation. 
  • Train leaders: This includes offering a menu of formal and informal training that helps form the whole person for mission - the head (theological reflection), heart (spiritual formation), hands (social action).
  • Cross-Train: This includes opportunities for members of the UTC training hubs to learn from each other's contexts through cross training experiences such as vision trips, webinar training and the Street Psalms Training Institute.

What is the Urban Training Collaborative (UTC)?

The Urban Training Collaborative (UTC), is an initiative of Street Psalms, made up of training hubs, network partners and academic partners and who share a common commitment to developing leaders to create cities of peace for all people.

The UTC was launched in 2014 as a joint effort between Leadership Foundations, Resonate Global Mission and Street Psalms who are its founding members. In 2016, founding members of the UTC, asked Street Psalms to lead the UTC as the primary expression of its mission. Currently the UTC represents about 100 cities globally. Street Psalms primarily focused on developing and nurturing hubs with the support of network partners such as Leadership Foundations, Resonate Global Mission and Newbigin House of Studies as well as academic partners such as Bakke Graduate University and  Seattle School of Theology. 

At the heart of the UTC is the core conviction that the most powerful resource in vulnerable urban communities is the leaders themselves. What’s needed are ways of seeing, doing and being that frees them to do things they never thought possible. That is why Street Psalms and members of the collaborative develop urban leaders through the power of the Incarnation. The Incarnation provides the spiritual technology necessary for human flourishing. It shows us how to activate, leverage and steward the power of relationships for good. 

All members of the UTC are committed to developing incarnational leaders guided by Street Psalms’ Incarnational Framework. SP’s framework is not a curriculum. It is a diagnostic framework that informs the development of a wide variety of contextual curricula. The framework provides a way of ​seeing​, ​doing​, and ​being​ that frees urban leaders to create cities of peace for all people.


Steps to Hub Partnership

While there are always nuances in the order of steps in the formation process of a UTC Hub, the following steps are illustrative of the process. The list below is categorized into the three stages of Discovery, Pilot and Roll Out and is meant to be descriptive rather than prescriptive.


  • Inquiry is made by a leader in a particular city with interest in formal alignment as a UTC Hub
  • Regular calls are established for relationship-building and to share vision/mission
  • Attendance at one of the UTC conference calls with other UTC Hub Directors and senior level trainers for exposure to the extended UTC network
  • UTC Overview document is sent and follow-up meeting is scheduled with the potential Hub
  • Director(s) to discuss the document and clarify expectations.


  • Site visit by Street Psalms staff and/or by other UTC Hub Directors.
  • Attendance at the Street Psalms Training Institute that is hosted in October every other year in a
  • different city of the collaborative.
  • While this is not a required step for formal alignment as a UTC Hub, it is strongly encouraged when possible based on resources and timing.
  • Overture delivered and/or a hub pilots one of Street Psalms’ Trainings/Fellowships in their city.
  • Visit to learn more about trainings and fellowships.


  • A recommendation is made to Street Psalms that a new city and its respective leader(s) be formalized as a UTC Hub site with a signed MOU.
  • If approved by Street Psalms, the MOU is signed by Street Psalms and the local partner organization.
Benefits of Hub Partnership
Ongoing Evaluation of Impact

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