Overture Overview

An Introduction to
Incarnational Mission

Inviting urban leaders into a way of seeing, doing, and being that frees leaders to love their city and seek its peace.

See and celebrate Good News in hard places

by doing theology from below.

Increase your capacity to serve incarnationally

by using the Incarnational Framework as a diagnostic tool.

Create lasting change

by activating an incarnational design process that cultivates a community in mission and calls forth collective action.

The Incarnational Training Framework

The Overture highlights ways of developing transformational leaders shaped by the Incarnational Training Framework (ITF). The ITF is a resource and guide for those interested in developing incarnational leaders in vulnerable urban communities.

The Incarnational Design Process

Introduces an Incarnational Design Process that calls communities of practice into collective action to make a difference in urban communities.  This process is built on a series of convictions:

  • God is at work in all things.
  • Incarnation is the model.
  • We are co-creators.
  • Relationship is the vehicle of change.
  • Leadership matters. 

Just the Beginning

The Overture invites leaders to participate in continued conversation and formation.

  • Participate in Urban Training Collaborative
  • Development of local training hub
  • Launch Urban Peacemaker Fellowship

Are you considering the Overture?