Mary Albert Darling

Enneagram: Peacemaking Practices for the Soul

Mary Albert Darling

Spiritual Director and Professor

Enneagram PowerPoint
Download the Enneagram slide presentation used for Mary’s presentation.

Webinar Transcription
A software-generated transcription from the audio of the event.

Enneagram: Common Terms and Theories
A brief summary of widely used Enneagram terminology and ideas

The Enneagram: A Short History and Explanation
A short resource produced by the Center for Contemplation and Action 

Enneagram Test
A online Enneagram test recommended by Mary Albert Darling to explore or confirm your score on the Enneagram. Cost: $10

Spiritual Director and Professor Mary Albert Darling led a conversation discussing her work with the Enneagram — a powerful tool for personal and collective transformation. Stemming from the Greek words ennea (“nine”) and grammos (“a written symbol”), the Enneagram frames nine distinct, yet interrelated personality types. It used for understanding the self, one another, and the world. Join us on an internal journey of soul-mapping towards inner peace that has significant implications in our work of developing incarnational leaders.