Ruth Padilla Deborst

Transforming Mission: Moving beyond coloniality in relationship among peers

Ruth Padilla Deborst

Resonate Global Mission

Jesus and Colonialism (Video)
A 30-minute introductory video

At the Table Their Eyes Were Opened: Mission as Renouncing Power and Being Hosted by the Stranger (Article)
Written by Ruth Padilla Deborst

The Street Psalms community started many years ago as the Center for Transforming Mission. As we enter into new relationships and continue to deepen existing friendships, new questions have emerged for us. Given the diversity of our community, how do we become less U.S.-centered and more globally oriented? And how do we move beyond coloniality within the relationships that make up the Urban Training Collaborative?

This is an opportunity to begin addressing some of the tensions that emerge in our community, and we hope it will take us into communal, glocal action. Please, join us as we discern ways to challenge and change the structures among our community that center power in specific social, geographical, and religious locations.