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Is your church interested in unlocking its capacity to help create a city of peace for all people? Is your church interested in becoming a more integrated “community in mission” that has a way of seeing, doing, and being that frees your members to love and serve the most vulnerable in the shape of their own vocation and call?

Are you looking for a way to engage your congregation in discerning what the Spirit is doing? Do you need a simple, repeatable and highly contextual design process to help you join the Spirit, without creating burdensome programs that are hard to sustain?


Street Psalms is looking for 12 churches in our network who want to be a part of a pilot cohort to engage a discernment process designed to free up congregations in the shape of their own vocation and call. It’s simple but not easy. It is repeatable, but not formulaic. It is contextual, but not isolated.

As part of a Lilly funding initiative called Thriving Congregations, Street Psalms will provide up to $10,000 for a 1 year fellowship for a senior pastor and/or senior leader in the congregation.  

This includes:

  • Paid 1 year Fellowship $10,000.
  • A cohort of 12 senior leaders wanting to unlock their faith communities. 
  • A combination of intensive dialogues and weekly 1 hour conversations.
  • Thought Leaders who will help us reflect together.  
  • A proven discernment process that works across denominational lines. 
  • A simple design process.
  • Vision Trip Opportunity.
  • Potential for additional seed grants.

Selection Criteria: Street Psalms will select up to 12 churches based on the following criteria.

  • Must submit an application.
  • Priority given to churches serving in vulnerable urban communities.
  • Churches who want the Discernment and Design process we offer.
  • Senior Pastors are fully on board and supportive.
  • Key leader in the church is identified (in many cases this will be the pastor).
  • Church Leadership teams are engaged in the process through formational opportunities.
  • Church helps with the cost of Cohort Vision Trip.
  • Churches within Street Psalms’ partner Hubs are given priority.

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