Image of an urban city
John 18:33 -37Christ’s Dark HumorKris RockeYear BProper/Ordinary
Matthew 27:60Holy SaturdayNic HughesYear CLent/Holy Week
John 18:1-19:42Good FridayKris RockeYear CLent/Holy Week
John 13:35Maundy ThursdayKristy HumphreysYear CLent/Holy Week
Luke 19:28-40Ishmael, Isaac, and Palm SundayTim MerrillYear CLent/Holy Week
Luke 13:1-9Discerning Death, Embracing LifeLina ThompsonYear CLent/Holy Week
Luke 13:1-9Transforming OikosLina ThompsonYear CLent/Holy Week
Luke 13:1-9Repent or Parish?Lina ThompsonYear CLent/Holy Week
Luke 13:31-35The Fox and the HenLina ThompsonYear BProper/Ordinary
Luke 9:28-36Transfixed or Transfigured?Joel Van DykeYear CEpiphany
Luke 6:27-38The Womb of MercyKris RockeYear CEpiphany
Luke 6:17-26A Well Kept SecretTim MerrillYear CEpiphany
Luke 5:1-11Can Girls Fish?Lina ThompsonYear BProper/Ordinary
Luke 4:21-30Are you in or out?Joel Van DykeYear BProper/Ordinary
Luke 4:14-21The Spirit of the Lord is Upon MeKris RockeYear BProper/Ordinary
1 Corinthians 12:1-13Baptized into One BodyLina ThompsonYear BProper/Ordinary
Luke 3:15-17, 21-22BaptismKris RockeYear BProper/Ordinary
Matthew 2:1-12The Magi and the BaptismKris RockeYear BAdvent/Christmas
Luke 2:41 – 52Jesus Loses his Family for his Father’s HouseRon RuthruffYear CAdvent/Christmas
Luke 1:39 – 45The Waiting Rooms of ChristmasJoel Van DykeYear BProper/Ordinary
Luke 3:7-18The Waiting Rooms of Christmas: The Wilderness IILina ThompsonYear BProper/Ordinary
Luke 3:1-6The Waiting Rooms of Christmas: The WildernessTim MerrillYear BProper/Ordinary
Luke 21:25-36The Waiting Rooms of Christmas: Apocalypse and Holy DefianceKris RockeYear BProper/Ordinary
John 18:33 -37Are You the King?Kris RockeYear BProper/Ordinary
Mark 13:1 – 8Not One StoneLina ThompsonYear BProper/Ordinary
Mark 12:38-44A Lesson From Uncle TimTim MerrillYear BProper/Ordinary
Mark 12:28-34Only LoveJoel Van DykeYear BProper/Ordinary
Mark 10:46-52Blind BartimaeusKris RockeYear BProper/Ordinary
Mark 10:35 – 45Under The TableTim MerrillYear BProper/Ordinary
Mark 3:20-30Can Evil Drive Out Evil?Lina ThompsonYear BProper/Ordinary
Mark 3:20-35New Skin to Bear the WorldJoel Van DykeYear BProper/Ordinary
Mark 3:20-35The QuestionKris RockeYear BProper/Ordinary
Mark 3:20-35As if They Were GodsTim MerrillYear BProper/Ordinary
John 15:11-14No Greater LoveKris RockeYear BNone
John 3:1-17Paradise in the DustJoel Van DykeYear BNone
Acts 2:1-21God’s LanguageLina ThompsonYear BEaster
John 17:6-19UnionKris RockeYear BEaster
John 15:9-17The Crying MonkJoel Van DykeYear BEaster
Mark 1:21-28Waiting to InhaleKris RockeYear BEpiphany
John 10:11-18The Good ShepherdKris RockeYear BEaster
Matthew 25:31-46Wounded ResurrectionLina ThompsonYear BEaster
Matthew 27:57-66Holy SaturdayJoel Van DykeYear BLent/Holy Week
John 18:1-19:42Good FridayKris RockeYear BLent/Holy Week
John 13:1-17, 31b-35Maundy ThursdayTim MerrillYear BLent/Holy Week
John 12:12-16The Dark Prayer of Palm SundayKris RockeYear BLent/Holy Week
John 12:20-33When I am lifted upLina ThompsonYear BLent/Holy Week
John 3:19-21The Death of a Little Jewish GuyTim MerrillYear ANone
John 2:13-22What’s on Your Table?Joel Van DykeYear BLent/Holy Week
Mark 8:31-38Alexamenos Worships a DonkeyKris RockeYear BLent/Holy Week
Mark 1:9-15Into the WildernessLina ThompsonYear BLent/Holy Week
Mark 9:2-9A Beautiful CluelessnessTim MerrillYear BEpiphany
Mark 1:29-39Gathering at the DoorJoel Van DykeYear BEpiphany
Mark 1:21-28Exorcising bad ReligionKris RockeYear BEpiphany
Mark 1:14-20Right Time MomentsLina ThompsonYear BEpiphany
John 1:43-51Da-n Straight That’s What I AmTim MerrillYear BEpiphany
Mark 1:4-11A New Year’s Rest-olutionJoel Van DykeYear BAdvent/Christmas
Luke 2:22-40Anna The ProphetKris RockeYear BAdvent/Christmas
Luke 2:1-20Make RoomKen SikesYear BAdvent/Christmas
Luke 2:1-20The Breath and the GloryKen SikesYear BAdvent/Christmas
John 1:6-8,19-28LightKen SikesYear BAdvent/Christmas
Mark 1:6b-8Awake in the WaterKen SikesYear BAdvent/Christmas
Mark 13:24-37Stay Woke!Ken SikesYear BAdvent/Christmas
John 10:18Power and Authority ReframedJoel Van DykeYear BEaster
Genesis 21:19Pain as Gateway of TransformationJoel Van DykeYear AProper/Ordinary
Matthew 25:31-46Sheep or Goat?Kris RockeYear AProper/Ordinary
Matthew 25:14-30Wait… God Did What?Lina ThompsonYear BProper/Ordinary
Matthew 25:1-13Awake and CelebrateKris RockeYear AProper/Ordinary
Matthew 23:1-12Re-formationJoel Van DykeYear AProper/Ordinary
Matthew 22:34-46Nothing Else MattersJoel Van DykeYear AProper/Ordinary
Matthew 22:15-22Images is EverythingKris RockeYear AProper/Ordinary
Matthew 22:1-14You’re InvitedLina ThompsonYear AProper/Ordinary
Matthew 21:33-46Should we have a Dream?Tim MerrillYear AProper/Ordinary
Matthew 21:23-32Authority RemixedJoel Van DykeYear AProper/Ordinary
Matthew 20:1-16It’s Not Fair!Justin MootzYear AProper/Ordinary
Matthew 18:15-20Why so Judgey?Lina ThompsonYear AProper/Ordinary
Matthew 18:15-20An Absolutely Reckless Pedagogy!Tim MerrillYear AProper/Ordinary
Matthew 16:21-28The Scandal of Misplaced DesireJoel Van DykeYear AProper/Ordinary
Matthew 16:15-16HarryKris RockeYear AProper/Ordinary
Matthew 15:21-28The Canaanite Woman in Charlottesville?Justin MootzYear AProper/Ordinary
Matthew 14:22-33Even the Muscle DudesTim MerrillYear AProper/Ordinary
Matthew 14:13-21Eucharist and AbundanceJoel Van DykeYear AProper/Ordinary
Matthew 13:31-33, 44-52Riddles of Grace: The Kingdom of God is Like….Joel Van DykeYear AProper/Ordinary
Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43The Wheat And The WeedsKris RockeYear AProper/Ordinary
Matthew 13:3-7The Bad SowerLina ThompsonYear AProper/Ordinary
Genesis 24:64-67Dance to the MusicTim MerrillYear AProper/Ordinary
Matthew 10:40-42Missional Hospitality: Blessed by GraceJoel Van DykeYear AProper/Ordinary
Matthew 10:24-39Whispers in the DarkKris RockeYear AProper/Ordinary
Genesis 18:1-15; 21:1-7Breathing With The CityTim MerrillYear AProper/Ordinary
Matthew 28:16-20The Great Commission(s)Lina ThompsonYear APentecost
John 20:19-23CommencementJoel Van DykeYear APentecost
Luke 24:44-53The Crime SceneKris RockeYear AEaster
John 14:15-21The Promise of PresenceLina ThompsonYear AEaster
Acts 7:55-60The Queen of 8th StreetTim MerrillYear AEaster
John 10:1-10Shadowlands or PasturelandJoel Van DykeYear AEaster
Luke 24:13-35Open Our Eyes to the StrangerKris RockeYear AEaster
John 20:19-31From Back to FrontKris RockeYear AEaster
John 13:1-17, 31b-35Maundy ThursdayKris RockeYear ALent/Holy Week
Matthew 21:1-11Ishmael, Isaac, and Palm SundayTim MerrillYear ALent/Holy Week
John 11:1-57Freedom from FearJoel Van DykeYear ALent/Holy Week
John 9:1-41The Judgment of MercyKris RockeYear ALent/Holy Week
John 4:5-42Why are you talking to me?Lina ThompsonYear ALent/Holy Week
Matthew 17:1-9The Transfiguration of a Skinny GeedyTim MerrillYear ALent/Holy Week
Matthew 4:1-11Wilderness Wander – Setting out from where you areJoel Van DykeYear ALent/Holy Week
Luke 22:14-23:56Don’t Speak Until You’re Spoken To*Kris RockeYear AEpiphany
Matthew 5:38-48Becoming Perfectly HumanLina ThompsonYear AEpiphany
Matthew 5:21-37A Happy BaptismTim MerrillYear AEpiphany
Matthew 5:13-20Salt and LightJoel Van DykeYear AEpiphany
Mathew 5:1-12The InaugurationKris RockeYear AEpiphany
Mathew 4:12-23What About Church Out Here?Lina ThompsonYear AEpiphany
John 1:29-42What’s in a Name?Tim MerrillYear AEpiphany
Luke 2:25-35The Word in the TempleKris RockeYear CAdvent/Christmas
The Word RevealedKris RockeNoneAdvent/Christmas
John 1:14The Word at HomeKris RockeYear CAdvent/Christmas
Matthew 1:18-25The Waiting Rooms of Christmas – Public DisgraceKris RockeYear CAdvent/Christmas
Matthew 11:2-11The Waiting Rooms of Christmas – PrisonKris RockeYear CAdvent/Christmas
Matthew 3:1-12The Four Waiting Rooms of Christmas – WildernessKris RockeYear CAdvent/Christmas
Matthew 24:36-44The Four Waiting Rooms of Christmas – ApocalypseKris RockeYear CAdvent/Christmas
Luke: 23:33-43The Way of the Cross?Lina ThompsonYear CProper/Ordinary
Luke: 21:5-19Stone by StoneKris RockeYear CProper/Ordinary
Luke 20:27-38Children of the ResurrectionJoel Van DykeYear CProper/Ordinary
Luke 19:1-10Zacchaeus: A Wee Little Man Was He (Not)Joel Van DykeYear CProper/Ordinary
Luke 18:9-14Superhero SpandexJustin MootzYear CProper/Ordinary
Luke 18:1-8Faith from BelowKris RockeYear CProper/Ordinary
Luke 17:11-19The Salute of GraceJoel Van DykeYear CProper/Ordinary
Luke 17:5-10Becoming HumanKris RockeYear CProper/Ordinary
Luke 16:19-31Not Even AbrahamKris RockeYear CProper/Ordinary
Luke 16:1-13The Gospel HustleKris RockeYear CProper/Ordinary
Luke 15:1-10The Math of MercyKris RockeYear CProper/Ordinary
Luke 14:25-33Invitation of LoveJoel Van DykeYear CProper/Ordinary
Luke 11:1Sabbath Prayer: Week 6Tim MerrillYear CProper/Ordinary
Luke 11:1Sabbath Prayer: Week 5Joel Van DykeYear CProper/Ordinary
Luke 11:1Sabbath Prayer: Week 4Joel Van DykeYear CProper/Ordinary
Luke 11:1Sabbath Prayer: Week 3Joel Van DykeYear CProper/Ordinary
Luke 11:1Sabbath Prayer: Week 2Kris RockeYear CProper/Ordinary
Luke 11:1Sabbath Prayer:  Week 1Kris RockeYear CProper/Ordinary
Luke 10:38-42Will One ThingJoel Van DykeYear CProper/Ordinary
Luke 10:25-37The Mystery of MercyKris RockeYear CProper/Ordinary
Luke 10:1-11, 16-20First Say PeaceJoel Van DykeYear CProper/Ordinary
Luke 9:51-62Family MattersKris RockeYear CProper/Ordinary
Luke 8:26-39Seized By FearKris RockeYear CProper/Ordinary
Luke 7:36-8:3A Gospel TurningKris RockeYear CProper/Ordinary
Luke 7:11-17Clash of CrowdsJoel Van DykeYear CProper/Ordinary
Luke 7:9The Marvel of Saving FaithJoel Van DykeYear CProper/Ordinary
John 16:12-15Love in MotionKris RockeYear CPentecost
Acts 2:1-21Pentecost UnityKris RockeYear CPentecost
John 17:20-26Unity Without Enemies?Kris RockeYear CEaster
John 5:1-9Do you want to get well?Joel Van DykeYear CEaster
Revelation 21:1-6Seeing the New JerusalemKris RockeYear CEaster
John 10:22-30Member-ingKris RockeYear CEaster
John 21:1-19Dis-appointment?Kris RockeYear CEaster
John 20:19-31What It Means to be EasteredJoel Van DykeYear CEaster
Luke 24:1-12Resurrection SundayKris RockeYear CEaster
Psalm 19:3-4Holy SaturdayKris RockeYear CLent/Holy Week
John 18:1-19:42Good FridayKris RockeYear CLent/Holy Week
John 13:1-17, 31b-35Maundy ThursdayKris RockeYear CLent/Holy Week
Luke 19:28-40The Gift of Shattered ExpectationsKris RockeYear CLent/Holy Week
John 12:1-8Inventing ScapegoatsKris RockeYear CLent/Holy Week
Luke 15:1-3, 11b-32Scandalously Wasteful: The Prodigal DadJoel Van DykeYear CLent/Holy Week
Luke 13:1-9Towers and TreesKris RockeYear CLent/Holy Week
Luke 13:31-35A “Hens and Chicks” SpiritualityKris RockeYear CLent/Holy Week
Luke 4:1-13Symbolic UniverseKris RockeYear CLent/Holy Week
Luke 9:29Who is this?Joel Van DykeYear CEpiphany
Luke 21:30The Mystery of IncarnationKris RockeYear CEpiphany
Luke 4:14-21Anointed for What?Kris RockeYear CEpiphany
John 2:1-11Water to Wine: Saving the Best for LastJoel Van DykeYear CEpiphany
John 18:33, 36Given in LoveKris RockeYear BProper/Ordinary
Mark 13:1-8Mercy or Sacrifice?Kris RockeYear BPentecost
Mark 12:41The Widow’s MightJoel Van DykeYear BPentecost
Mark 12:29-31JoyRyan TaylorYear BPentecost
Mark 10:48Saper VedereJoel Van DykeYear BPentecost
Mark 10:37Brigands of the LordKris RockeYear BPentecost
Mark 10:17-18Good GodStephanie DunlapYear BPentecost
Mark 10:13-16The Gift of Losing ControlScott DeweyYear BPentecost
Mark 9:38-50ScandalKris RockeYear BPentecost
Mark 9:31-32, 36-37Child in the MiddleScott DeweyYear BPentecost
Mark 8:29Who Do You Say That I Am?Joel Van DykeYear BPentecost
Mark 7:24-37The Smell of GraceJoel Van DykeYear BPentecost
Mark 7:5,14-15Meditations on (Un) CleanlinessStephanie DunlapYear BPentecost
John 6:56-58The Stranger, RevealedKris RockeYear BPentecost
John 6:51Bearing Witness to GoodnessKris RockeYear BPentecost
John 6:35Induction to RealityKris RockeYear BPentecost
John 6:32-35Liturgy of LifeScott DeweyYear BPentecost
John 6:9Among So ManyKris RockeYear BPentecost
Mark 6:31 Come AwayKris RockeYear BPentecost
Mark 6:21-24 Pawn of DesireStephanie DunlapYear BPentecost
Mark 6:7-10Vulnerability and AuthorityScott DeweyYear BPentecost
Mark 5:34-35Outsiders and Insiders: A Tale of Two DaughtersJoel Van DykeYear BPentecost
Mark 4:35-41Riding the Waves of the CityScott DeweyYear BProper/Ordinary
Mark 4:26-34Sit Back and Relax Into GraceKris RockeYear BPentecost
Mark 3:32-34Dismantling and Re-framing FamilyScott DeweyYear BPentecost
John 16:14-15aThe Paraclete Comes to Guatemala CityJoel Van DykeYear BPentecost
John 17:18Sent How?Kris RockeYear BEaster
John 15:4Make Yourselves At HomeScott DeweyYear BEaster
Luke 24:36-43IntimacyScott DeweyYear BEaster
John 20:21-23The Kiss of GodKris RockeYear BEaster
Job 19:25-27Easter: My Redeemer Lives!Joel Van DykeYear BEaster
27:57-66Holy Saturday: “As Secure as You Know How”Joel Van DykeYear BLent/Holy Week
John 18:1-19:42Good Friday – God With Us, AloneScott DeweyYear BLent/Holy Week
John 13:1-17, 31b-35Maundy Thursday – Flesh and FluidsScott DeweyYear BLent/Holy Week
Mark 8-9Coming HomeStephanie DunlapYear BLent/Holy Week
John 12:24The Sweetness of DeathJoel Van DykeYear BLent/Holy Week
John 3:17-21The Lightest Touch, The Touch of LightScott DeweyYear BLent/Holy Week
John 2:15-19Temple Cleansing or Temple Closing?Kris RockeYear BLent/Holy Week
Mark 8:31-33Suffering and LoveScott DeweyYear BLent/Holy Week
Mark 1:12-13Bread, Temple, and Crown: a Lenten InvitationJoel Van DykeYear BLent/Holy Week
Mark 9:2-4, 7-9A Dazzling SecretKris RockeYear BEpiphany
Mark 1:32-35Don’t TellKris RockeYear BEpiphany
Mark 1:22-27Astonishing AuthorityScott DeweyYear BEpiphany
Mark 1:14-20Leaving Our NetsJoel Van DykeYear BEpiphany
John 1:50-51Holy EverythingKris RockeYear BEpiphany
Mark 1:11Baptismal BlessingKris RockeYear BEpiphany
John 1:10-18The Word Without A WordScott DeweyYear BAdvent/Christmas
Romans 8:24-25 To Hope and To WaitJoel Van DykeYear BAdvent/Christmas
Luke 1:35, 38Let It BeKris RockeYear BAdvent/Christmas
John 1:6-8, 19-28Advent HopeKris RockeYear BAdvent/Christmas
Mark 1:1-3BEEP BEEP BEEP ArgggScott DeweyYear BAdvent/Christmas
Mark 13:24-37Awake For What?Stephanie DunlapYear BAdvent/Christmas
Matthew 25:31-46I See You – A Third Way ThroughJoel Van DykeYear AProper/Ordinary
Matthew 25:29-30Unlikely Hero in a Familiar Parable?Scott DeweyYear AProper/Ordinary
Matthew 23:2-4The Crushing Weight of PurityScott DeweyYear AProper/Ordinary
Matthew 22:37-40Love God, Love People, Nothing Else MattersJoel Van DykeYear AProper/Ordinary
Matthew 22:17Un-Beautiful QuestionsScott DeweyYear AProper/Ordinary
Matthew 21:42Builders of ViolenceScott DeweyYear AProper/Ordinary
Matthew 21:31bThe Scandal of AuthorityJoel Van DykeYear AProper/Ordinary
Matthew 20:1-16The Last and the FirstPenny Salazar-PhillipsYear AProper/Ordinary
Matthew 18:32-35ForgivenessKris RockeYear AProper/Ordinary
Matthew 18:18-20Binding and LoosingScott DeweyYear AProper/Ordinary
Matthew 15:22-28A Change of Heart for Jesus?Scott DeweyYear BProper/Ordinary
Matthew 14:22-33Theoretical Considerations of Walking on WaterScott DeweyYear BProper/Ordinary
Matthew 14:19-20Lavish For Whom?Scott DeweyYear BProper/Ordinary
Matthew 14:13-21Riddles of GraceJoel Van DykeYear BProper/Ordinary
DazzledKris RockeYear BProper/Ordinary
Matthew 13:1-9DeficienciesKris RockeYear BProper/Ordinary
Matthew 11:16-18, 28-30My Well-Fitting YokeScott DeweyYear BProper/Ordinary
Matthew 10:40Hospitality Among the FliesStephanie DunlapYear BProper/Ordinary
Matthew 28:16-20The Manner of GoingKris RockeYear APentecost
Acts 2:1-21All Flesh Is OneKris RockeYear APentecost
John 14:16Advocate or AccuserJoel Van DykeYear AEaster
John 14:1-14Way, Truth, LifeKris RockeYear AEaster
John 10:1-10Mercy GateKris RockeYear AEaster
John 20:19-31Creation Through ForgivenessKris RockeYear AEaster
John 15:13-15Maundy ThursdayKris RockeLent/Holy Week
Psalm 118:21-23Gospel of RejectsScott DeweyYear ALent/Holy Week
Ezekiel 37:7-10Voice from the BonesJoel Van DykeYear ALent/Holy Week
Exodus 17:1-7Formed Among ThornsScott DeweyYear ALent/Holy Week
Genesis 12:1-4aLenten BlessingsKris RockeYear ALent/Holy Week
Matthew 6:1-6, 16-21You’re Invited to DesireKris RockeYear ALent/Holy Week
Matthew 17:1-9The Greatest LoserKris RockeYear AEpiphany
Matthew 5:38-48The Enemy of PerfectionKris RockeYear AEpiphany
Matthew 5:21-37Have You Heard?Kris RockeYear AEpiphany
Matthew 5:13-20A Solitary LightKris RockeYear AEpiphany
Matthew 11:2-11Breaking Into PrisonKris Rocke
Mission: TransformedJoel Van Dyke