Image of an urban city
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Year ALent/Holy WeekJohn 13:1-17, 31-35Mary PandianiMaundy Thursday
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Year CProper/OrdinaryLuke 23:33-43Kris RockeForgive Them
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Year CEasterJohn 10:22-30Lina Thompson“Member-ing”
NoneEasterJohn 21:1-19Kris RockeGrace in Galilee
NoneEasterJohn 20:19-31Kris RockePeace be with you
Year BEasterIsaiah 65:17-25Lina ThompsonEaster
Year CLent/Holy WeekMatthew 27:60Nic HughesHoly Saturday
Year CLent/Holy WeekJohn 18:1-19:42Kris RockeGood Friday
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Year BEpiphanyMark 9:2-9Tim MerrillA Beautiful Cluelessness
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Year BEpiphanyJohn 1:43-51Tim MerrillDa-n Straight That’s What I Am
Year BAdvent/ChristmasMark 1:4-11Joel Van DykeA New Year’s Rest-olution
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Year BAdvent/ChristmasLuke 2:1-20Ken SikesThe Breath and the Glory
Year BAdvent/ChristmasJohn 1:6-8,19-28Ken SikesLight
Year BAdvent/ChristmasMark 1:6b-8Ken SikesAwake in the Water
Year BAdvent/ChristmasMark 13:24-37Ken SikesStay Woke!
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Year AProper/OrdinaryMatthew 18:15-20Tim MerrillAn Absolutely Reckless Pedagogy!
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Year AProper/OrdinaryMatthew 16:15-16Kris RockeHarry
Year AProper/OrdinaryMatthew 14:13-21Joel Van DykeEucharist and Abundance
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Year AEasterLuke 24:44-53Kris RockeThe Crime Scene
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Year AEasterJohn 20:19-31Kris RockeFrom Back to Front
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Year ALent/Holy WeekMatthew 17:1-9Tim MerrillThe Transfiguration of a Skinny Geedy
Year AEpiphanyLuke 22:14-23:56Kris RockeDon’t Speak Until You’re Spoken To*
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Year AEpiphanyMatthew 5:21-37Tim MerrillA Happy Baptism
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Year AEpiphanyMathew 5:1-12Kris RockeThe Inauguration
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Year AEpiphanyJohn 1:29-42Tim MerrillWhat’s in a Name?
Year CAdvent/ChristmasLuke 2:25-35Kris RockeThe Word in the Temple
NoneAdvent/ChristmasKris RockeThe Word Revealed
Year CAdvent/ChristmasJohn 1:14Kris RockeThe Word at Home
Year CAdvent/ChristmasMatthew 1:18-25Kris RockeThe Waiting Rooms of Christmas – Public Disgrace
Year CAdvent/ChristmasMatthew 11:2-11Kris RockeThe Waiting Rooms of Christmas – Prison
Year CAdvent/ChristmasMatthew 3:1-12Kris RockeThe Four Waiting Rooms of Christmas – Wilderness
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Year CProper/OrdinaryLuke 19:1-10Joel Van DykeZacchaeus: A Wee Little Man Was He (Not)
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Year CProper/OrdinaryLuke 17:5-10Kris RockeBecoming Human
Year CProper/OrdinaryLuke 16:19-31Kris RockeNot Even Abraham
Year CProper/OrdinaryLuke 16:1-13Lina ThompsonThe Gospel Hustle
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Year CProper/OrdinaryLuke 14:25-33Joel Van DykeInvitation of Love
Year CProper/OrdinaryLuke 11:1Tim MerrillSabbath Prayer: Week 6
Year CProper/OrdinaryLuke 11:1Joel Van DykeSabbath Prayer: Week 5
Year CProper/OrdinaryLuke 11:1Joel Van DykeSabbath Prayer: Week 4
Year CProper/OrdinaryLuke 11:1Joel Van DykeSabbath Prayer: Week 3
Year CProper/OrdinaryLuke 11:1Kris RockeSabbath Prayer: Week 2
Year CProper/OrdinaryLuke 11:1Kris RockeSabbath Prayer:  Week 1
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Year CProper/OrdinaryLuke 7:36-8:3Kris RockeA Gospel Turning
Year CProper/OrdinaryLuke 7:11-17Joel Van DykeClash of Crowds
Year CProper/OrdinaryLuke 7:9Joel Van DykeThe Marvel of Saving Faith
Year CPentecostJohn 16:12-15Kris RockeLove in Motion
Year CPentecostActs 2:1-21Kris RockePentecost Unity
Year CEasterJohn 17:20-26Kris RockeUnity Without Enemies?
Year CEasterJohn 5:1-9Joel Van DykeDo you want to get well?
Year CEasterRevelation 21:1-6Kris RockeSeeing the New Jerusalem
Year CEasterJohn 21:1-19Ken SikesDis-appointment?
Year CEasterJohn 20:19-31Joel Van DykeWhat It Means to be Eastered
Year CEasterLuke 24:1-12Kris RockeResurrection Sunday
Year CLent/Holy WeekPsalm 19:3-4Kris RockeHoly Saturday
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Year CLent/Holy WeekLuke 4:1-13Kris RockeSymbolic Universe
Year CEpiphanyLuke 9:29Joel Van DykeWho is this?
Year CEpiphanyLuke 21:30Kris RockeThe Mystery of Incarnation
Year CEpiphanyLuke 4:14-21Kris RockeAnointed for What?
Year CEpiphanyJohn 2:1-11Joel Van DykeWater to Wine: Saving the Best for Last
Year BProper/OrdinaryJohn 18:33, 36Scott DeweyGiven in Love
Year BPentecostMark 13:1-8Kris RockeMercy or Sacrifice?
Year BPentecostMark 12:41Joel Van DykeThe Widow’s Might
Year BPentecostMark 12:29-31Ryan TaylorJoy
Year BPentecostMark 10:48Joel Van DykeSaper Vedere
Year BPentecostMark 10:37Kris RockeBrigands of the Lord
Year BPentecostMark 10:17-18Stephanie DunlapGood God
Year BPentecostMark 10:13-16Scott DeweyThe Gift of Losing Control
Year BPentecostMark 9:38-50Kris RockeScandal
Year BPentecostMark 9:31-32, 36-37Scott DeweyChild in the Middle
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Year BPentecostMark 7:24-37Joel Van DykeThe Smell of Grace
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Year BPentecostJohn 6:56-58Kris RockeThe Stranger, Revealed
Year BPentecostJohn 6:51Kris RockeBearing Witness to Goodness
Year BPentecostJohn 6:35Kris RockeInduction to Reality
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Year BPentecostMark 6:31 Kris RockeCome Away
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Year BPentecostMark 6:7-10Scott DeweyVulnerability and Authority
Year BProper/OrdinaryMark 4:35-41Scott DeweyRiding the Waves of the City
Year BPentecostMark 4:26-34Kris RockeSit Back and Relax Into Grace
Year BPentecostMark 3:32-34Scott DeweyDismantling and Re-framing Family
Year BPentecostJohn 16:14-15aJoel Van DykeThe Paraclete Comes to Guatemala City
Year BEasterJohn 17:18Kris RockeSent How?
Year BEasterJohn 15:4Scott DeweyMake Yourselves At Home
Year BEasterLuke 24:36-43Scott DeweyIntimacy
Year BEasterJohn 20:21-23Kris RockeThe Kiss of God
Year BEasterJob 19:25-27Joel Van DykeEaster: My Redeemer Lives!
Year BLent/Holy Week27:57-66Joel Van DykeHoly Saturday: “As Secure as You Know How”
Year BLent/Holy WeekJohn 18:1-19:42Scott DeweyGood Friday – God With Us, Alone
Year BLent/Holy WeekJohn 13:1-17, 31b-35Scott DeweyMaundy Thursday – Flesh and Fluids
Year BLent/Holy WeekMark 8-9Stephanie DunlapComing Home
Year BLent/Holy WeekJohn 12:24Joel Van DykeThe Sweetness of Death
Year BLent/Holy WeekJohn 3:17-21Scott DeweyThe Lightest Touch, The Touch of Light
Year BLent/Holy WeekJohn 2:15-19Kris RockeTemple Cleansing or Temple Closing?
Year BLent/Holy WeekMark 8:31-33Scott DeweySuffering and Love
Year BLent/Holy WeekMark 1:12-13Joel Van DykeBread, Temple, and Crown: a Lenten Invitation
Year BEpiphanyMark 9:2-4, 7-9Kris RockeA Dazzling Secret
Year BEpiphanyMark 1:32-35Kris RockeDon’t Tell
Year BEpiphanyMark 1:22-27Scott DeweyAstonishing Authority
Year BEpiphanyMark 1:14-20Joel Van DykeLeaving Our Nets
Year BEpiphanyJohn 1:50-51Kris RockeHoly Everything
Year BEpiphanyMark 1:11Kris RockeBaptismal Blessing
Year BAdvent/ChristmasJohn 1:10-18Scott DeweyThe Word Without A Word
Year BAdvent/ChristmasRomans 8:24-25 Joel Van DykeTo Hope and To Wait
Year BAdvent/ChristmasLuke 1:35, 38Kris RockeLet It Be
Year BAdvent/ChristmasJohn 1:6-8, 19-28Kris RockeAdvent Hope
Year BAdvent/ChristmasMark 1:1-3Scott DeweyBEEP BEEP BEEP Arggg
Year BAdvent/ChristmasMark 13:24-37Stephanie DunlapAwake For What?
Year AProper/OrdinaryMatthew 25:31-46Joel Van DykeI See You – A Third Way Through
Year AProper/OrdinaryMatthew 25:29-30Scott DeweyUnlikely Hero in a Familiar Parable?
Year AProper/OrdinaryMatthew 23:2-4Scott DeweyThe Crushing Weight of Purity
Year AProper/OrdinaryMatthew 22:37-40Joel Van DykeLove God, Love People, Nothing Else Matters
Year AProper/OrdinaryMatthew 22:17Scott DeweyUn-Beautiful Questions
Year AProper/OrdinaryMatthew 21:42Scott DeweyBuilders of Violence
Year AProper/OrdinaryMatthew 21:31bJoel Van DykeThe Scandal of Authority
Year AProper/OrdinaryMatthew 20:1-16Penny Salazar-PhillipsThe Last and the First
Year AProper/OrdinaryMatthew 18:32-35Kris RockeForgiveness
Year AProper/OrdinaryMatthew 18:18-20Scott DeweyBinding and Loosing
Year BProper/OrdinaryMatthew 15:22-28Scott DeweyA Change of Heart for Jesus?
Year BProper/OrdinaryMatthew 14:22-33Scott DeweyTheoretical Considerations of Walking on Water
Year BProper/OrdinaryMatthew 14:19-20Scott DeweyLavish For Whom?
Year BProper/OrdinaryMatthew 14:13-21Joel Van DykeRiddles of Grace
Year BProper/OrdinaryKris RockeDazzled
Year BProper/OrdinaryMatthew 13:1-9Kris RockeDeficiencies
Year BProper/OrdinaryMatthew 11:16-18, 28-30Scott DeweyMy Well-Fitting Yoke
Year BProper/OrdinaryMatthew 10:40Stephanie DunlapHospitality Among the Flies
Year APentecostMatthew 28:16-20Kris RockeThe Manner of Going
Year APentecostActs 2:1-21Kris RockeAll Flesh Is One
Year AEasterJohn 14:1-14Kris RockeWay, Truth, Life
Year AEasterJohn 10:1-10Kris RockeMercy Gate
Year AEasterJohn 20:19-31Kris RockeCreation Through Forgiveness
Year ALent/Holy WeekJohn 15:13-15Kris RockeMaundy Thursday
Year ALent/Holy WeekPsalm 118:21-23Scott DeweyGospel of Rejects
Year ALent/Holy WeekEzekiel 37:7-10Joel Van DykeVoice from the Bones
Year ALent/Holy WeekExodus 17:1-7Scott DeweyFormed Among Thorns
Year ALent/Holy WeekGenesis 12:1-4aKris RockeLenten Blessings
Year ALent/Holy WeekMatthew 6:1-6, 16-21Kris RockeYou’re Invited to Desire
Year AEpiphanyMatthew 17:1-9Kris RockeThe Greatest Loser
Year AEpiphanyMatthew 5:38-48Kris RockeThe Enemy of Perfection
Year AEpiphanyMatthew 5:21-37Kris RockeHave You Heard?
Year AEpiphanyMatthew 5:13-20Kris RockeA Solitary Light
Year AAdvent/ChristmasMatthew 11:2-11Kris RockeBreaking Into Prison
Year CProper/OrdinaryLuke 16:19-31Joel Van DykeAsking the Beautiful Questions