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TitleAuthorLectionary YearLiturgical SeasonBookHoliday
Can Evil Drive Out Evil?Lina ThompsonYear BProper/OrdinaryMark
New Skin to Bear the WorldJoel Van DykeYear BProper/OrdinaryMark
The QuestionKris RockeYear BProper/OrdinaryMark
As if They Were GodsTim MerrillYear BProper/OrdinaryMark
No Greater LoveKris RockeYear BNoneJohn
Paradise in the DustKris RockeYear BNoneJohn
God’s LanguageLina ThompsonYear BEasterActs
UnionKris RockeYear BEasterJohn
The Crying MonkJoel Van DykeYear BEasterJohn
The Good ShepherdKris RockeYear BEasterJohn
Wounded ResurrectionLina ThompsonYear BEasterLuke
Waiting to InhaleTim MerrillYear BEasterJohn
Holy SaturdayJoel Van DykeYear BLent/Holy WeekMatthew
Good FridayKris RockeYear BLent/Holy WeekJohn
Maundy ThursdayTim MerrillYear BLent/Holy WeekJohn
The Dark Prayer of Palm SundayKris RockeYear BLent/Holy WeekJohnPalm Sunday
When I am lifted upLina ThompsonYear BLent/Holy WeekJohn
The Death of a Little Jewish GuyTim MerrillYear ANone
What’s on Your Table?Joel Van DykeYear BLent/Holy WeekJohn
Alexamenos Worships a DonkeyKris RockeYear BLent/Holy WeekMark
Into the WildernessLina ThompsonYear BLent/Holy WeekMark
A Beautiful CluelessnessTim MerrillYear BEpiphanyMarkTransfiguration Sunday
Gathering at the DoorJoel Van DykeYear BEpiphanyMark
Exorcising Bad ReligionKris RockeYear BEpiphanyMark
Right Time MomentsLina ThompsonYear BEpiphanyMark
Da-n Straight That’s What I AmTim MerrillYear BEpiphanyJohn
A New Year’s Rest-olutionJoel Van DykeYear BAdvent/ChristmasMarkBaptism of the Lord
Anna The ProphetKris RockeYear BAdvent/ChristmasLuke
Make RoomKen SikesYear BAdvent/ChristmasLuke
The Breath and the GloryKen SikesYear BAdvent/ChristmasLuke
LightKen SikesYear BAdvent/ChristmasJohn
Awake in the WaterKen SikesYear BAdvent/ChristmasMark
Stay Woke!Ken SikesYear BAdvent/ChristmasMark
Power and Authority ReframedJoel Van DykeYear BEasterJohn
Pain as Gateway of TransformationJoel Van DykeYear AProper/OrdinaryGenesis
Sheep or Goat?Lina ThompsonYear AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
Wait…God did what?Lina ThompsonYear AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
Awake and CelebrateKris RockeYear AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
Re-formationJoel Van DykeYear AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
Nothing Else MattersJoel Van DykeYear AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
Images is EverythingKris RockeYear AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
You’re InvitedLina ThompsonYear AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
Should we have a Dream?Tim MerrillYear AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
Authority RemixedJoel Van DykeYear AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
It’s Not Fair!Justin MootzYear AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
Why so Judgey?Lina ThompsonYear AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
An Absolutely Reckless Pedagogy!Tim MerrillYear AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
The Scandal of Misplaced DesireJoel Van DykeYear AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
HarryKris RockeYear AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
The Canaanite Woman in Charlottesville?Justin MootzYear AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
Even the Muscle DudesTim MerrillYear AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
Eucharist and AbundanceJoel Van DykeYear AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
Riddles of Grace: The Kingdom of God is Like….Joel Van DykeYear AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
The Wheat And The WeedsKris RockeYear AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
The Bad SowerLina ThompsonYear AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
Dance to the MusicTim MerrillYear AProper/OrdinaryGenesis
Missional Hospitality: Blessed by GraceJoel Van DykeYear AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
Whispers in the DarkKris RockeYear AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
Breathing With The CityTim MerrillYear AProper/OrdinaryGenesis
The Great Commission(s)Lina ThompsonYear APentecostMatthewTrinity Sunday
CommencementJoel Van DykeYear APentecostJohnPentecost Sunday
The Crime SceneKris RockeYear AEasterLuke
The Promise of PresenceLina ThompsonYear AEasterJohn
The Queen of 8th StreetTim MerrillYear AEasterActs
Shadowlands or PasturelandJoel Van DykeYear AEasterJohn
Open Our Eyes to the StrangerKris RockeYear AEasterLuke
From Back to FrontKris RockeYear AEasterJohn
Maundy ThursdayKris RockeYear ALent/Holy WeekJohnMaundy Thursday
Ishmael, Isaac, and Palm SundayTim MerrillYear ALent/Holy WeekMatthew
Freedom from FearJoel Van DykeYear ALent/Holy WeekJohn
The Judgment of MercyKris RockeYear ALent/Holy WeekJohn
Why are you talking to me?Lina ThompsonYear ALent/Holy WeekJohn
The Transfiguration of a Skinny GeedyTim MerrillYear ALent/Holy WeekMatthew
Wilderness Wander – Setting out from where you areJoel Van DykeYear ALent/Holy WeekMatthew
Don’t Speak Until You’re Spoken To*Kris RockeYear AEpiphanyMatthewTransfiguration Sunday
Becoming Perfectly HumanLina ThompsonYear AEpiphanyMatthew
A Happy BaptismTim MerrillYear AEpiphanyMatthew
Salt and LightJoel Van DykeYear AEpiphanyMatthew
The InaugurationKris RockeYear AEpiphanyMatthew
What About Church Out Here?Lina ThompsonYear AEpiphanyMatthew
What’s in a Name?Tim MerrillYear AEpiphanyJohn
The Magi & the BaptismKris RockeYear AEpiphanyMatthew
The Word in the TempleKris RockeYear CAdvent/ChristmasLuke
The Word RevealedKris RockeNoneAdvent/ChristmasNoneChristmas
The Word at HomeKris RockeYear CAdvent/ChristmasJohn
The Waiting Rooms of Christmas – Public DisgraceKris RockeYear CAdvent/ChristmasMatthew
The Waiting Rooms of Christmas – PrisonKris RockeYear CAdvent/ChristmasMatthew
The Four Waiting Rooms of Christmas – WildernessKris RockeYear CAdvent/ChristmasMatthew
The Four Waiting Rooms of Christmas – ApocalypseKris RockeYear CAdvent/ChristmasMatthew
The Way of the Cross?Lina ThompsonYear CProper/OrdinaryLuke
Stone by StoneKris RockeYear CProper/OrdinaryLuke
Children of the ResurrectionJoel Van DykeYear CProper/OrdinaryLuke
Zacchaeus: A Wee Little Man Was He (Not)Joel Van DykeYear CProper/OrdinaryLuke
Superhero SpandexJustin MootzYear CProper/OrdinaryLuke
Faith from BelowKris RockeYear CProper/OrdinaryLuke
The Salute of GraceJoel Van DykeYear CProper/OrdinaryLuke
Becoming HumanKris RockeYear CProper/OrdinaryLuke
Not Even AbrahamKris RockeYear CProper/OrdinaryLuke
The Gospel HustleKris RockeYear CProper/OrdinaryLuke
The Math of MercyKris RockeYear CProper/OrdinaryLuke
Invitation of LoveJoel Van DykeYear CProper/OrdinaryLuke
Sabbath Prayer: Week 6Kris RockeYear CProper/OrdinaryLuke
Sabbath Prayer: Week 5Kris RockeYear CProper/OrdinaryLuke
Sabbath Prayer: Week 4Joel Van DykeYear CProper/OrdinaryLuke
Sabbath Prayer: Week 3Joel Van DykeYear CProper/OrdinaryLuke
Sabbath Prayer: Week 2Kris RockeYear CProper/OrdinaryLuke
Sabbath Prayer:  Week 1Kris RockeYear CProper/OrdinaryLuke
Will One ThingJoel Van DykeYear CProper/OrdinaryLuke
The Mystery of MercyKris RockeYear CProper/OrdinaryLuke
First Say PeaceJoel Van DykeYear CProper/OrdinaryLuke
Family MattersKris RockeYear CProper/OrdinaryLuke
Seized By FearKris RockeYear CProper/OrdinaryLuke
A Gospel TurningKris RockeYear CProper/OrdinaryLuke
Clash of CrowdsJoel Van DykeYear CProper/OrdinaryLuke
The Marvel of Saving FaithJoel Van DykeYear CProper/OrdinaryLuke
Love in MotionKris RockeYear CPentecostJohnTrinity Sunday
Pentecost UnityKris RockeYear CPentecostJohnPentecost
Unity Without Enemies?Kris RockeYear CEasterJohn
Do you want to get well?Joel Van DykeYear CEasterJohn
Seeing the New JerusalemKris RockeYear CEasterJohn
Member-ingKris RockeYear CEasterJohn
Dis-appointment?Kris RockeYear CEasterJohn
What It Means to be EasteredJoel Van DykeYear CEasterJohn
Resurrection SundayKris RockeYear CEasterLukeEaster
Holy SaturdayKris RockeYear CLent/Holy WeekJohnHoly Saturday
Good FridayKris RockeYear CLent/Holy WeekJohnGood Friday
Maundy ThursdayKris RockeYear CLent/Holy WeekJohnMaundy Thursday
The Gift of Shattered ExpectationsKris RockeYear CLent/Holy WeekLukePalm Sunday
Inventing ScapegoatsKris RockeYear CLent/Holy WeekJohn
Scandalously Wasteful: The Prodigal DadJoel Van DykeYear CLent/Holy WeekLuke
Towers and TreesKris RockeYear CLent/Holy WeekLuke
A “Hens and Chicks” SpiritualityKris RockeYear CLent/Holy WeekLuke
Symbolic UniverseKris RockeYear CLent/Holy WeekLuke
Who is this?Joel Van DykeYear CEpiphanyLukeTransfiguration Sunday
The Mystery of IncarnationKris RockeYear CEpiphanyLuke
Anointed for What?Kris RockeYear CEpiphanyLuke
Water to Wine: Saving the Best for LastJoel Van DykeYear CEpiphanyJohn
BaptismKris RockeYear CEpiphanyLukeBaptism of the Lord
Given in LoveKris RockeYear BProper/OrdinaryJohnReign of Christ Sunday
Mercy or Sacrifice?Kris RockeYear BPentecostMark
The Widow’s MightJoel Van DykeYear BPentecostMark
JoyRyan TaylorYear BPentecostMark
Saper VedereJoel Van DykeYear BPentecostMark
Brigands of the LordKris RockeYear BPentecostMark
Good GodStephanie DunlapYear BPentecostMark
The Gift of Losing ControlScott DeweyYear BPentecostMark
ScandalKris RockeYear BPentecostMark
Child in the MiddleScott DeweyYear BPentecostMark
Who Do You Say That I Am?Joel Van DykeYear BPentecostMark
The Smell of GraceJoel Van DykeYear BPentecostMark
Meditations on (Un) CleanlinessStephanie DunlapYear BPentecostMark
The Stranger, RevealedKris RockeYear BPentecostJohn
Bearing Witness to GoodnessScott DeweyYear BPentecostJohn
Induction to RealityScott DeweyYear BPentecostJohn
Liturgy of LifeScott DeweyYear BPentecostJohn
Among So ManyKris RockeYear BPentecostJohn
Come AwayKris RockeYear BPentecostMark
Pawn of DesireStephanie DunlapYear BPentecostMark
Gospel of RejectsScott DeweyMatthew
Vulnerability and AuthorityScott DeweyYear BPentecostMark
Outsiders and Insiders: A Tale of Two DaughtersJoel Van DykeYear BPentecostMark
Riding the Waves of the CityScott DeweyYear BProper/OrdinaryMark
Sit Back and Relax Into GraceKris RockeYear BPentecostMark
Dismantling and Re-framing FamilyScott DeweyYear BPentecostMark
Paradise in the DustKris RockeYear BPentecostJohnTrinity Sunday
The Paraclete Comes to Guatemala CityJoel Van DykeYear BPentecostJohnPentecost
Sent How?Kris RockeYear BEasterJohn
No Greater LoveKris RockeYear BEasterJohn
Make Yourselves At HomeScott DeweyYear BEasterJohn
Power and Authority, ReframedJoel Van DykeYear BEasterJohn
IntimacyScott DeweyYear BEasterLuke
The Kiss of GodKris RockeYear BEasterJohn
Easter: My Redeemer Lives!Joel Van DykeYear BEasterMarkEaster
Holy Saturday: “As Secure as You Know How”Joel Van DykeYear BLent/Holy WeekMatthewHoly Saturday
Good Friday – God With Us, AloneScott DeweyYear BLent/Holy WeekJohnGood Friday
Maundy Thursday – Flesh and FluidsScott DeweyYear BLent/Holy WeekJohnMaundy Thursday
Coming HomeStephanie DunlapYear BLent/Holy WeekMarkPalm Sunday
The Sweetness of DeathJoel Van DykeYear BLent/Holy WeekJohn
The Lightest Touch, The Touch of LightScott DeweyYear BLent/Holy WeekJohn
Temple Cleansing or Temple Closing?Kris RockeYear BLent/Holy WeekJohn
Suffering and LoveScott DeweyYear BLent/Holy WeekMark
Bread, Temple, and Crown: a Lenten InvitationJoel Van DykeYear BLent/Holy WeekMark
A Dazzling SecretKris RockeYear BEpiphanyMark
Don’t TellKris RockeYear BEpiphanyMark
Astonishing AuthorityScott DeweyYear BEpiphanyMark
Leaving Our NetsJoel Van DykeYear BEpiphanyMark
Holy EverythingKris RockeYear BEpiphanyJohn
Baptismal BlessingKris RockeYear BEpiphanyMark
The Word Without A WordScott DeweyYear BAdvent/ChristmasJohnChristmas
To Hope and To WaitJoel Van DykeYear BAdvent/ChristmasLukeChristmas
Let It BeKris RockeYear BAdvent/ChristmasLuke
Advent HopeKris RockeYear BAdvent/ChristmasJohn
BEEP BEEP BEEP ArgggScott DeweyYear BAdvent/ChristmasMark
Awake For What?Stephanie DunlapYear BAdvent/ChristmasMark
I See You – A Third Way ThroughJoel Van DykeYear AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
Unlikely Hero in a Familiar Parable?Scott DeweyYear AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
Awake and CelebrateKris RockeYear AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
The Crushing Weight of PurityScott DeweyYear AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
Love God, Love People, Nothing Else MattersJoel Van DykeYear AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
Un-Beautiful QuestionsScott DeweyYear AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
Christ’s Dark HumorKris RockeYear AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
Builders of ViolenceScott DeweyYear AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
The Scandal of AuthorityJoel Van DykeYear AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
The Last and the FirstPenny Salazar-PhillipsYear AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
ForgivenessKris RockeYear AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
Binding and LoosingScott DeweyYear AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
A Change of Heart for Jesus?Scott DeweyYear BProper/OrdinaryMatthew
Theoretical Considerations of Walking on WaterScott DeweyYear BProper/OrdinaryMatthew
Lavish For Whom?Scott DeweyYear BProper/OrdinaryMatthew
Riddles of GraceJoel Van DykeYear BProper/OrdinaryMatthew
DazzledKris RockeYear BProper/OrdinaryMatthew
DeficienciesKris RockeYear BProper/OrdinaryMatthew
My Well-Fitting YokeScott DeweyYear BProper/OrdinaryMatthew
Hospitality Among the FliesStephanie DunlapYear BProper/OrdinaryMatthew
Pain as Gateway of TransformationJoel Van DykeYear AProper/OrdinaryGenesis
The Manner of GoingKris RockeYear APentecostMatthewTrinity Sunday
All Flesh Is OneKris RockeYear APentecostActs
UnionKris RockeYear AEasterJohn
Advocate or AccuserJoel Van DykeYear AEasterJohn
Way, Truth, LifeKris RockeYear AEasterJohn
Mercy GateKris RockeYear AEasterJohn
Open Our Eyes to the StrangerKris RockeYear AEasterLuke
Creation Through ForgivenessKris RockeYear AEasterJohn
Good FridayStephanie DunlapLent/Holy WeekMarkGood Friday
Maundy ThursdayKris RockeLent/Holy WeekJohnMaundy Thursday
Gospel of RejectsScott DeweyYear ALent/Holy WeekMatthew
Voice from the BonesJoel Van DykeYear ALent/Holy WeekEzekiel
Formed Among ThornsScott DeweyYear ALent/Holy WeekExodus
Lenten BlessingsKris RockeYear ALent/Holy WeekGenesis
You’re Invited to DesireKris RockeYear ALent/Holy WeekMatthewAsh Wednesday
The Greatest LoserKris RockeYear AEpiphanyMatthewTransfiguration Sunday
The Enemy of PerfectionKris RockeYear AEpiphanyMatthew
Have You Heard?Kris RockeYear AEpiphanyMatthew
A Solitary LightKris RockeYear AEpiphanyMatthew
Breaking Into PrisonKris Rocke
Mission: TransformedMichelle Garcia