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TitleAuthorLectionary YearLiturgical SeasonBookHoliday
The Fox and the HenYear BProper/OrdinaryMark
Transfixed or Transfigured?Year CEpiphanyLuke
A Well Kept SecretYear CEpiphanyLuke
Can Girls Fish?Year BProper/OrdinaryMark
Are you in or out?Year BProper/OrdinaryMark
The Spirit of the Lord is Upon MeYear BProper/OrdinaryMark
Baptized into One BodyYear BProper/OrdinaryMark
BaptismYear BProper/OrdinaryLuke
The Magi and the BaptismYear BAdvent/ChristmasMatthew
Jesus Loses his Family for his Father’s HouseYear CAdvent/ChristmasLuke
The Waiting Rooms of ChristmasYear BProper/OrdinaryLuke
The Waiting Rooms of Christmas: The Wilderness IIYear BProper/OrdinaryLuke
The Waiting Rooms of Christmas: The WildernessYear BProper/OrdinaryLuke
The Waiting Rooms of Christmas: Apocalypse and Holy DefianceYear BProper/OrdinaryLuke
Are You the King?Year BProper/OrdinaryJohn
WFB Template 2019Year BProper/OrdinaryMark
Not One StoneYear BProper/OrdinaryMark
A Lesson From Uncle TimYear BProper/OrdinaryMark
Only LoveYear BProper/OrdinaryMark
Blind BartimaeusYear BProper/OrdinaryMark
Under The TableYear BProper/OrdinaryMark
Can Evil Drive Out Evil?Year BProper/OrdinaryMark
New Skin to Bear the WorldYear BProper/OrdinaryMark
The QuestionYear BProper/OrdinaryMark
As if They Were GodsYear BProper/OrdinaryMark
No Greater LoveYear BNoneJohn
Paradise in the DustYear BNoneJohn
God’s LanguageYear BEasterActs
UnionYear BEasterJohn
The Crying MonkYear BEasterJohn
The Good ShepherdYear BEasterJohn
Wounded ResurrectionYear BEasterLuke
Waiting to InhaleYear BEasterJohn
Holy SaturdayYear BLent/Holy WeekMatthew
Good FridayYear BLent/Holy WeekJohn
Maundy ThursdayYear BLent/Holy WeekJohn
The Dark Prayer of Palm SundayYear BLent/Holy WeekJohnPalm Sunday
When I am lifted upYear BLent/Holy WeekJohn
The Death of a Little Jewish GuyYear ANone
What’s on Your Table?Year BLent/Holy WeekJohn
Alexamenos Worships a DonkeyYear BLent/Holy WeekMark
Into the WildernessYear BLent/Holy WeekMark
A Beautiful CluelessnessYear BEpiphanyMarkTransfiguration Sunday
Gathering at the DoorYear BEpiphanyMark
Exorcising Bad ReligionYear BEpiphanyMark
Right Time MomentsYear BEpiphanyMark
Da-n Straight That’s What I AmYear BEpiphanyJohn
A New Year’s Rest-olutionYear BAdvent/ChristmasMarkBaptism of the Lord
Anna The ProphetYear BAdvent/ChristmasLuke
Make RoomYear BAdvent/ChristmasLuke
The Breath and the GloryYear BAdvent/ChristmasLuke
LightYear BAdvent/ChristmasJohn
Awake in the WaterYear BAdvent/ChristmasMark
Stay Woke!Year BAdvent/ChristmasMark
Power and Authority ReframedYear BEasterJohn
Pain as Gateway of TransformationYear AProper/OrdinaryGenesis
Sheep or Goat?Year AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
Wait… God Did What?Year BProper/OrdinaryMatthew
Awake and CelebrateYear AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
Re-formationYear AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
Nothing Else MattersYear AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
Images is EverythingYear AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
You’re InvitedYear AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
Should we have a Dream?Year AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
Authority RemixedYear AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
It’s Not Fair!Year AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
Why so Judgey?Year AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
An Absolutely Reckless Pedagogy!Year AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
The Scandal of Misplaced DesireYear AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
HarryYear AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
The Canaanite Woman in Charlottesville?Year AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
Even the Muscle DudesYear AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
Eucharist and AbundanceYear AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
Riddles of Grace: The Kingdom of God is Like….Year AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
The Wheat And The WeedsYear AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
The Bad SowerYear AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
Dance to the MusicYear AProper/OrdinaryGenesis
Missional Hospitality: Blessed by GraceYear AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
Whispers in the DarkYear AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
Breathing With The CityYear AProper/OrdinaryGenesis
The Great Commission(s)Year APentecostMatthewTrinity Sunday
CommencementYear APentecostJohnPentecost Sunday
The Crime SceneYear AEasterLuke
The Promise of PresenceYear AEasterJohn
The Queen of 8th StreetYear AEasterActs
Shadowlands or PasturelandYear AEasterJohn
Open Our Eyes to the StrangerYear AEasterLuke
From Back to FrontYear AEasterJohn
Maundy ThursdayYear ALent/Holy WeekJohnMaundy Thursday
Ishmael, Isaac, and Palm SundayYear ALent/Holy WeekMatthew
Freedom from FearYear ALent/Holy WeekJohn
The Judgment of MercyYear ALent/Holy WeekJohn
Why are you talking to me?Year ALent/Holy WeekJohn
The Transfiguration of a Skinny GeedyYear ALent/Holy WeekMatthew
Wilderness Wander – Setting out from where you areYear ALent/Holy WeekMatthew
Don’t Speak Until You’re Spoken To*Year AEpiphanyMatthewTransfiguration Sunday
Becoming Perfectly HumanYear AEpiphanyMatthew
A Happy BaptismYear AEpiphanyMatthew
Salt and LightYear AEpiphanyMatthew
The InaugurationYear AEpiphanyMatthew
What About Church Out Here?Year AEpiphanyMatthew
What’s in a Name?Year AEpiphanyJohn
The Magi & the BaptismYear AEpiphanyMatthew
The Word in the TempleYear CAdvent/ChristmasLuke
The Word RevealedNoneAdvent/ChristmasNoneChristmas
The Word at HomeYear CAdvent/ChristmasJohn
The Waiting Rooms of Christmas – Public DisgraceYear CAdvent/ChristmasMatthew
The Waiting Rooms of Christmas – PrisonYear CAdvent/ChristmasMatthew
The Four Waiting Rooms of Christmas – WildernessYear CAdvent/ChristmasMatthew
The Four Waiting Rooms of Christmas – ApocalypseYear CAdvent/ChristmasMatthew
The Way of the Cross?Year CProper/OrdinaryLuke
Stone by StoneYear CProper/OrdinaryLuke
Children of the ResurrectionYear CProper/OrdinaryLuke
Zacchaeus: A Wee Little Man Was He (Not)Year CProper/OrdinaryLuke
Superhero SpandexYear CProper/OrdinaryLuke
Faith from BelowYear CProper/OrdinaryLuke
The Salute of GraceYear CProper/OrdinaryLuke
Becoming HumanYear CProper/OrdinaryLuke
Not Even AbrahamYear CProper/OrdinaryLuke
The Gospel HustleYear CProper/OrdinaryLuke
The Math of MercyYear CProper/OrdinaryLuke
Invitation of LoveYear CProper/OrdinaryLuke
Sabbath Prayer: Week 6Year CProper/OrdinaryLuke
Sabbath Prayer: Week 5Year CProper/OrdinaryLuke
Sabbath Prayer: Week 4Year CProper/OrdinaryLuke
Sabbath Prayer: Week 3Year CProper/OrdinaryLuke
Sabbath Prayer: Week 2Year CProper/OrdinaryLuke
Sabbath Prayer:  Week 1Year CProper/OrdinaryLuke
Will One ThingYear CProper/OrdinaryLuke
The Mystery of MercyYear CProper/OrdinaryLuke
First Say PeaceYear CProper/OrdinaryLuke
Family MattersYear CProper/OrdinaryLuke
Seized By FearYear CProper/OrdinaryLuke
A Gospel TurningYear CProper/OrdinaryLuke
Clash of CrowdsYear CProper/OrdinaryLuke
The Marvel of Saving FaithYear CProper/OrdinaryLuke
Love in MotionYear CPentecostJohnTrinity Sunday
Pentecost UnityYear CPentecostJohnPentecost
Unity Without Enemies?Year CEasterJohn
Do you want to get well?Year CEasterJohn
Seeing the New JerusalemYear CEasterJohn
Member-ingYear CEasterJohn
Dis-appointment?Year CEasterJohn
What It Means to be EasteredYear CEasterJohn
Resurrection SundayYear CEasterLukeEaster
Holy SaturdayYear CLent/Holy WeekJohnHoly Saturday
Good FridayYear CLent/Holy WeekJohnGood Friday
Maundy ThursdayYear CLent/Holy WeekJohnMaundy Thursday
The Gift of Shattered ExpectationsYear CLent/Holy WeekLukePalm Sunday
Inventing ScapegoatsYear CLent/Holy WeekJohn
Scandalously Wasteful: The Prodigal DadYear CLent/Holy WeekLuke
Towers and TreesYear CLent/Holy WeekLuke
A “Hens and Chicks” SpiritualityYear CLent/Holy WeekLuke
Symbolic UniverseYear CLent/Holy WeekLuke
Who is this?Year CEpiphanyLukeTransfiguration Sunday
The Mystery of IncarnationYear CEpiphanyLuke
Anointed for What?Year CEpiphanyLuke
Water to Wine: Saving the Best for LastYear CEpiphanyJohn
BaptismYear CEpiphanyLukeBaptism of the Lord
Given in LoveYear BProper/OrdinaryJohnReign of Christ Sunday
Mercy or Sacrifice?Year BPentecostMark
The Widow’s MightYear BPentecostMark
JoyYear BPentecostMark
Saper VedereYear BPentecostMark
Brigands of the LordYear BPentecostMark
Good GodYear BPentecostMark
The Gift of Losing ControlYear BPentecostMark
ScandalYear BPentecostMark
Child in the MiddleYear BPentecostMark
Who Do You Say That I Am?Year BPentecostMark
The Smell of GraceYear BPentecostMark
Meditations on (Un) CleanlinessYear BPentecostMark
The Stranger, RevealedYear BPentecostJohn
Bearing Witness to GoodnessYear BPentecostJohn
Induction to RealityYear BPentecostJohn
Liturgy of LifeYear BPentecostJohn
Among So ManyYear BPentecostJohn
Come AwayYear BPentecostMark
Pawn of DesireYear BPentecostMark
Gospel of RejectsMatthew
Vulnerability and AuthorityYear BPentecostMark
Outsiders and Insiders: A Tale of Two DaughtersYear BPentecostMark
Riding the Waves of the CityYear BProper/OrdinaryMark
Sit Back and Relax Into GraceYear BPentecostMark
Dismantling and Re-framing FamilyYear BPentecostMark
Paradise in the DustYear BPentecostJohnTrinity Sunday
The Paraclete Comes to Guatemala CityYear BPentecostJohnPentecost
Sent How?Year BEasterJohn
No Greater LoveYear BEasterJohn
Make Yourselves At HomeYear BEasterJohn
Power and Authority, ReframedYear BEasterJohn
IntimacyYear BEasterLuke
The Kiss of GodYear BEasterJohn
Easter: My Redeemer Lives!Year BEasterMarkEaster
Holy Saturday: “As Secure as You Know How”Year BLent/Holy WeekMatthewHoly Saturday
Good Friday – God With Us, AloneYear BLent/Holy WeekJohnGood Friday
Maundy Thursday – Flesh and FluidsYear BLent/Holy WeekJohnMaundy Thursday
Coming HomeYear BLent/Holy WeekMarkPalm Sunday
The Sweetness of DeathYear BLent/Holy WeekJohn
The Lightest Touch, The Touch of LightYear BLent/Holy WeekJohn
Temple Cleansing or Temple Closing?Year BLent/Holy WeekJohn
Suffering and LoveYear BLent/Holy WeekMark
Bread, Temple, and Crown: a Lenten InvitationYear BLent/Holy WeekMark
A Dazzling SecretYear BEpiphanyMark
Don’t TellYear BEpiphanyMark
Astonishing AuthorityYear BEpiphanyMark
Leaving Our NetsYear BEpiphanyMark
Holy EverythingYear BEpiphanyJohn
Baptismal BlessingYear BEpiphanyMark
The Word Without A WordYear BAdvent/ChristmasJohnChristmas
To Hope and To WaitYear BAdvent/ChristmasLukeChristmas
Let It BeYear BAdvent/ChristmasLuke
Advent HopeYear BAdvent/ChristmasJohn
BEEP BEEP BEEP ArgggYear BAdvent/ChristmasMark
Awake For What?Year BAdvent/ChristmasMark
I See You – A Third Way ThroughYear AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
Unlikely Hero in a Familiar Parable?Year AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
Awake and CelebrateYear AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
The Crushing Weight of PurityYear AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
Love God, Love People, Nothing Else MattersYear AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
Un-Beautiful QuestionsYear AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
Christ’s Dark HumorYear AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
Builders of ViolenceYear AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
The Scandal of AuthorityYear AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
The Last and the FirstYear AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
ForgivenessYear AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
Binding and LoosingYear AProper/OrdinaryMatthew
A Change of Heart for Jesus?Year BProper/OrdinaryMatthew
Theoretical Considerations of Walking on WaterYear BProper/OrdinaryMatthew
Lavish For Whom?Year BProper/OrdinaryMatthew
Riddles of GraceYear BProper/OrdinaryMatthew
DazzledYear BProper/OrdinaryMatthew
DeficienciesYear BProper/OrdinaryMatthew
My Well-Fitting YokeYear BProper/OrdinaryMatthew
Hospitality Among the FliesYear BProper/OrdinaryMatthew
Pain as Gateway of TransformationYear AProper/OrdinaryGenesis
The Manner of GoingYear APentecostMatthewTrinity Sunday
All Flesh Is OneYear APentecostActs
UnionYear AEasterJohn
Advocate or AccuserYear AEasterJohn
Way, Truth, LifeYear AEasterJohn
Mercy GateYear AEasterJohn
Open Our Eyes to the StrangerYear AEasterLuke
Creation Through ForgivenessYear AEasterJohn
Good FridayLent/Holy WeekMarkGood Friday
Maundy ThursdayLent/Holy WeekJohnMaundy Thursday
Gospel of RejectsYear ALent/Holy WeekMatthew
Voice from the BonesYear ALent/Holy WeekEzekiel
Formed Among ThornsYear ALent/Holy WeekExodus
Lenten BlessingsYear ALent/Holy WeekGenesis
You’re Invited to DesireYear ALent/Holy WeekMatthewAsh Wednesday
The Greatest LoserYear AEpiphanyMatthewTransfiguration Sunday
The Enemy of PerfectionYear AEpiphanyMatthew
Have You Heard?Year AEpiphanyMatthew
A Solitary LightYear AEpiphanyMatthew
Breaking Into Prison
Mission: Transformed