Incarnational Capacity Assessment for Individuals

A diagnostic tool

for leaders to examine their approach to city transformation in light of the Incarnation.

Online Survey

We start by gathering information through a a simple online survey, focusing on the four incarnational movements.

Custom Report

Based on your survey, you’ll receive a report that highlights your strengths and areas for improvement.

Twelve Questions

Twelve questions will guide your growth process, which may be pursued individually or with a trusted friend or mentor.

Street Psalms has a unique perspective on urban mission that has been cultivated in vulnerable  communities among grassroots leaders who are serving in some of the world’s most challenging contexts. We call it the Incarnational Training Framework.

We believe the call to incarnational leadership is to discern the Spirit’s movement in a given place and time, and to call others to participate in practical ways. While there are countless ways to love your city and seek its peace, there are common threads among incarnational communities that seek to build just communities of compassion for all, especially the most vulnerable.

Love your city into greatness
through the power of the incarnation.