Nairobi UPF

Transformational Urban Leadership

An Urban Peacemaker Fellowship

Urban Peacemaker Fellowships (UPF) are Street Psalms training initiatives. Led by Street Psalms Senior Fellows, our 10 Urban Peacemaker Fellowships work to equip the head, heart and hands of urban leaders to love their city and seek its peace with the Gospel of Jesus.

How can we equip grassroots leaders who serve the informal settlements of Nairobi with an incarnational theology of peace?

In June 2017, CTM Kenya in partnership with local churches took 38 church leaders to Rwanda to learn from their experience of the 1994 genocide, and peace and reconciliation initiatives that the government and grassroots faith-based organizations are engaged with in reconciling and restoring their country.

Impacted by the Rwanda visit our role was clear – to preach and practice peace in order to interrupt political and ethnic violence. However, the question was what kind of theology would inform and sustain the practice of peace making at the grassroots level among the church leaders? It became apparently clear to us that the Church’s grassroots leaders and Christian faith-based organizations have a uniquely crucial and significant role in peacemaking, a role only they can perform well due to their socio-cultural and political standing in the society.

Esau Oreso


As a Street Psalms Senior Fellow, Esau’s particular focus is how to provide affordable and accessible theological training for leaders and pastors who serve in informal settlements.