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Our You Version Plans are based on our weekly lectionary reflections called Word from Below.

Curious about what our Word from Below reflections looks like? Here are some recent examples:

Saving the Best for Last

By Joel Van Dyke | January 14, 2022

Jesus’ first miracle is to keep a party going. As far as first impressions are concerned, wouldn’t it have made more sense to give sight to someone born blind, or cast out some demons?

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Baptized Into the Human Experience

By Gideon Ochieng | January 7, 2022

I have known Susan for over 14 years. She’s a pastor here in Nairobi with a reputation for speaking her mind. Susan is passionate about working with youth and vulnerable women in our community. The locals see her as an advocate for the rights of the most vulnerable in society. Among her best friends is a group of reforming, hard core criminals.

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A Journey Toward Closeness

By Jenna Smith | January 3, 2022

Last week, I was on the phone with Michèle*, a very gifted social worker and therapist. She is advising our organization for a research project we are coordinating that is looking to capture the narrative of Christian survivors of domestic violence and the church’s response.

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Becoming an Ass

By Ron Ruthruff | December 25, 2021

When I think of baby messiahs, angelic messengers, shepherds and sheep, I think of a church Christmas pageant when I was in fifth grade. Christmas Pageants were always somewhat painful for me. Even as a child I didn’t think they expressed “God with us” — what theologians call the Incarnation.

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Blessed is She

By Lina Thompson | December 17, 2021

Advent is about the birth of Jesus, of course. But for me, the beauty of these verses is the way God uses Mary and Elizabeth, people who would have been marginalized by society because of their gender, to teach us all how to relate to each other with an attitude of abundance.

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