Sign of Hope (Wilna)

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Pretoria, South Africa

Wilna has an incarnational manner—a way of being that transforms. She leads a grassroots organization in Pretoria, South Africa called the Tshwane Leadership Foundation – a training hub with Street Psalms. For years they have been leading a wildly successful public witness event to demonstrate God’s heart for justice and peace in the capital city of South Africa.


Wilna helps lead the “Festival of Clowns” in Pretoria, where every year 20,000 leaders dress up as “holy fools” to speak truth to power in peaceful ways, advocating change in the systems that impact the most vulnerable. The Incarnation transforms the manner in which we love. It gives us a new heart—one that no longer needs enemies and scapegoats, no “us versus them,” no insiders over-and-against outsiders. Incarnational leadership insists that we are one and seeks peace in all things. Wilna embodies the incarnational journey from Rivalry to Peace.