Salem UPF

Mutual Transformation

An Urban Peacemaker Fellowship

Urban Peacemaker Fellowships (UPF) are Street Psalms training initiatives. Led by Street Psalms Senior Fellows, our 10 Urban Peacemaker Fellowships work to equip the head, heart and hands of urban leaders to love their city and seek its peace with the Gospel of Jesus.

How do we develop leaders in vulnerable communities, who are recipients of services provided by our outreach, in a way that is mutually transformational?

In Salem, Oregon, a small movement known as Church @the Park has formed in order to interact with people who experience homelessness in a relational way. As the Capital of Oregon, Salem is a central hub in the State for those who experience homelessness, incarceration, and mental illness. Until 1980, all State run human resource agencies that managed correctional facilities and mental hospitals were mandated by law to be established within city limits. These facilities have fostered the creation of a culture characterized by recidivism and generational poverty.

The group chose to engage with the Incarnational Framework curriculum with weekly newsletters that included a chapter from the ITF, podcasts, and/or other study resources. The group then met monthly for reflection, discussion, and further study. At these meetings we would worship together. Afterwards, we would discuss how the curriculum was affecting each person’s practice at Church @the Park, as well as the metaphors and questions in the chapter. Each time, we would end with a benediction to go and practice.

DJ Vincent


Founder of
Salem Missional Community Network

As a Street Psalms Senior Fellow, D.J.’s particular focus is engaging local churches in neighborhood-focused missional initiatives.


Joel Kiekintveld

Senior Fellow &
Founding Director
Parachute Ministries

Ron Ruthruff

Senior Fellow &
Associate Professor
Seattle School of Theology and Psychology